I Call Them Luxurtarians: Conspicuous Consumption of Luxury Beliefs


By:  @LukeWeinhagen

The belief that the world is not a dangerous place or the belief that anyone but you is responsible for your safety are luxury beliefs.

Even this article will be viewed far too narrowly by most. Compared to the rest of the world, the west are all “rich”. We have insulated ourselves so effectively from the consequences of stupidity and dishonesty, and created such a vast illusion of safety in the west that unless you are actively attempting to falsify your beliefs it is safe to assume they are all luxury beliefs. ‘Luxury beliefs’ are the latest status symbol for rich Americans …

A former classmate from Yale recently told me “monogamy is kind of outdated” and not good for society. So I asked her what her background is and if she planned to marry. She said she comes from an affluent family and works at a well-known technology company. Yes, she personally intends to have a monogamous marriage — but quickly added that marriage shouldn’t have to be for everyone. She was raised by a traditional family. She planned on having a traditional family. But she maintained that traditional families are old-fashioned and society should “evolve” beyond them. What could explain this? In the past, upper-class Americans used to display their social status with luxury goods. Today, they do it with luxury beliefs.

Few apply even a minimal set of tests such as @ThomasSowell’s 3 questions

1. Compared to what?
2. At what cost?
3. What hard evidence do you have?

Fewer seek a more robust set of tests such as Propertariansim’s Testimonialism


1. Is it categorically consistent?
2. Is it logically consistent?
3. Is it empirically consistent?
4. Is it existentially possible?
5. Is it reciprocally consistent?
6. Is it fully accounted?

Q&A: “Curt; Do You Have a Concise Definition for Testimonialism?”
Colloquially: “The completion of the scientific method for the purpose of the conduct of law”.

Testimonial Truth: Testimony (Speech) that is warrantied by the speaker through the performance of due diligence against imaginary content, error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, deception and fraud. The only truth that can exist is that which is spoken. We can never speak the perfect truth because we can never know if we possess it. The most perfect truth we can speak is that which we have performed due diligence, that we do not speak in falsehood: fraud.

Testimonialism: A set of tests of due diligence, the satisfaction of which allows us to warranty that to the best of our ability our speech (testimony) is free of the falsehoods: imaginary content, error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, deceit, and fraud.

Truth: That testimony we would give if we possessed perfect (complete) knowledge, perfect language, and an audience possessed of the same. And, at that point we speak a name, not a description. Everything has a true name. We seek that name. In seeking it we seek truth.

If it is important to you that your beliefs have value, I suggest you test them to make sure they derive their value from their quality rather than their luxury.

I Call Them Luxurtarians

By:  @emblem21CEO

My reeducation camp list includes:

* middle class white women

* academics & intellectuals

* libertarians & libertines and liberals

* the overeducated

* the runaway enlightened

They prefer liberty & luxury over reality.

“Magic thinking is a luxury, only available to those with a buffer between themselves and the direct contact with a dangerous reality.” — @LukeWeinhagen

“Democracy is not an intrinsic good, produces no goods, but is a risky emotional luxury [feeling righteous whilst acting degenerately] made possible by Full Integration into ‘Whiteness’” –


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