Sex Differences In Demonstrated Intelligence

Sex differences in demonstrated intelligence are due to:

  • (a) a minor advantage to males due to larger body and brain size,
  • (b) sex differences in cognitive bias(interest),
  • (c) the cumulative effect of exercising sex differences, manifesting in minor task variation, some career, and vast political deltas.

Sex differences in cognitive bias are:

  • (d) empathizing (children, relationships) vs systematizing (politics), and
  • (e) submission(fear) vs dominance(aggression)
  • (f) magical thinking (threat avoidance) vs paranoia-conspiracy (threat obsession)

And are an expression of sex differences in reproductive costs:

  • (g) bearing the cost of adaptation to reproductive-social vs political-military stresses.

Intelligence Tests were designed to measure potential academic and workforce performance (near-tasks),  and NOT test adult economic, social, and political judgments (far-judgments).  Yet it is Political Prediction, not Task Performance where we differ most. And it is political prediction and political choice where our reproductive interests are most demonstrably in conflict.  And it is our admission of women into the franchise without investing our laws and institutions with the rules by which we limit female malincentivs just as we have invested in our laws and institutions to limit male malincentives.

Domesticating the female’s hyperconsumption, hypergamy,  hyper-aggression and social superpredation was just as important as domesticating male aggression and violence.


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