The Group Strategy in The Law of European People

The struggle between Rule of Law by Natural Law – a law of nature, and Rule By Man by Arbitrary Law a dictate of man, continuing the historical cycle of incremental usurpation of authority by the dictator, king, oligarchy, or state, and restoration of sovereignty to the people (or, at least, freemen) by restoration of our natural, discovered, law, according to the formal (logical), physical (necessary), natural (cooperative), and evolutionary (natural selection) laws of the universe.

“The Natural Law of self-determination, by self-determined means, by the reciprocal grant of, inalienability of, and insurance of, sovereignty in all demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in all display, word, and deed, to all members of the polity able, willing and sworn to exchange them, producing markets in all aspects of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, commons, and polities, and as a consequence, the fastest innovation and adaptation of knowledge, economy, polity, war, and man, by the continuous evolution of human agency, producing the greatest transcendence of man, in the shortest time, under the greatest prosperity, with the greatest certainty – and the continuation of natural selection by suppression of the reproduction of those demonstrating unfitness for those markets.”

It’s that last ‘bit’ – the cost – that’s unstated and is the source of the three Abrahamic religions of the old world in retaliation against the civilizational innovation of the indo european peoples, and the Marxist, neo-Marxist, pomo, feminist, pc, woke, anti-european, anti-white, anti-male pseudoscientific version of it: rebellion against the necessity of defeat of the red queen by continuing natural selection by meritocratic means.

This strategy, the group strategy of the European people, is the least divergent from the formal (logical), physical, natural (behavioral), and evolutionary laws of the universe. It is the opposite of the Abrahamic group strategy of the Semitic peoples, which seeks to violate the formal (logical), physical (scarcity), natural (amorality of man, reciprocal demand of man, cooperation necessary for man), and evolutionary (genetic load, regression to the mean, adaptation to defeat the red queen) laws – and as the least divergent, the most and fastest adaptive. Continuing millions of years of humanoid evolution by maximizing physical, behavioral, cognitive, and informational maximization of adaptation to the universe – constantly increasing our capture of entropy, rapidly transforming ourselves from beasts to man to the gods we imagine.

(That’s about as condensed as I can make it – Curt Doolittle)

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