The Reactionary Movement Reunited Libertarians and Conservatives Restoring The Elites To Thought Leadership In Europeanism

NRX and P originate in the same body of thought but Yarvin is jewish and proposes a typical Jewish universalist administrative solution (libertarian). I propose a typical european rule of law solution (aristocratic).

I consider my work part of the reactionary movement – and the reactionary movement the end of the libertarian divergence from conservatism, and the restoration of libertarians (legalists) as the thought leadership of conservatism where conservatism is reciprocal insurance of one another’s self-determination exchange of insurance of one another’s sovereignty by reciprocity in display, word, and deed. And the resulting markets that emerge in all aspects of life: action, association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, polities, and war.

The west has always practiced markets for elites, we call trifunctionalism, with elites in masculine (negative) war, in feminine (positive) faith, and in the (neutral) law to mediate our differences.

As such there are and always will be three factions in the west, with the law limiting the extremes of masculine hierarchy, competitiveness, and eugenics, and left equality, communism, and dysgenics.

This is my understanding of the change in political forces among the non-semitic (european) right and left. The problem is that the semitic counter revolution against european advancement by the marxist-pomo-feminist-pc/woke movement is the second attempt at the destruction of the west, repeating the destruction of Rome, by taking advantage of the frailty of the martial, legal, and ‘faith’ elites, by the introduction of a false elite with false promises of victory for the bottom – when the bottom cannot rule itself, it’s families, any business, or any polity, or any army. We must restore our intolerance. The fall of our religion because the xians would not reform, opened the door for a false religion just as the failure of the romans to reform their religion to include the newly emergent working classes opened the door for a false religion (judaism, xianity, islam). intolerance must return.

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