The Reason Revolution Comes


(a) We have no civil order. (b) No defense of life, property, or commons (c) no rule of law (d) no equal protection under the law (e) we have a non-neutral policing, (f) no juridical defense (g) and our govt is not organized for total war in an era of total war. (h) Our taxation, economy, and academy favor 35% at the expense of all the rest (i) Our financial system isn’t sovereign, delivers us to predatory parasitic globalists, impoverishes our middle, working, and laboring classes, and deprives us of +1T per year in commons. (j) We are forcibly involuntarily associated in polities, politics, business, community, education, and neighborhood, against our will, against our interests, preventing us from customizing commons, to the division and detriment of all, in the greatest failed policy in history.

What’s the difference between right and left? Right, Generative Adversarial, Capitalizing(meritocratic) Eugenic Adaptation of Quality, versus Left, Consensus Harmonious, Parasitic(equalitarian) Dysgenic Devolution of Quantity. We are incompatible because our first causes (moral intuitions and reproductive strategies) are polar opposites. They are the extremes of the male hierarchical and female equalitarian reproductive strategies. 

The Left’s entire doctrine is science denial: a revolt against the Darwinian explanation for the success of western civ: a revolt against truth, formal, physical, and evolutionary laws. The Religious Rights only pseudoscience is only of natural law’s origin not its content.

We are incompatible because the technological innovations of european modernity created the wealth and therefore the opportunity for individual pursuit of INSTINCTS – which was the opposite of convergence the (feminine) left predicted. The right continues convergence to evolutionary adaptability, and the left rebels by attempting to converge on evolutionary non-adaptability (regression). The right to harmony in adaptive duty by the production of agency, and the left to harmony in avoidance of adaptive duty by avoidance of the production of agency. The result is the parasitic elite, a parasitic underclass who escape or cannot compete in evolutinary markets, against the productive, laboring, working, and middle classes who successfully compete in markets.

We’re incompatible because Right Merit Eugenic vs Left Equal Dysgenic are incompatible, and irreconcilable.

We’re incompatible and we must Separate or War.

We Have a Thorough Constitutional Reform Ready  It will appease the vast majority of center-left, center, and center-right, at the cost of the globalists, the financial sector, and the deep state.  It is as great an innovation in natural law and rights and obligations under natural law over our existing constitution as our existing constitution was over the unwritten english constitution, and it reverses the errors of the French Revolution. It has taken 20 years of tireless effort. And it will be done early in the new year.

Bring about a political revolution instead of a bloody one.  Join Us:

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