Notes on Rutherford vs Plomin

Rutherford: “How we became us (as humans)”: the 99% that’s the same

Plomin: “How DNA makes us who we are (as individuals)”: the 1% that makes us different.)
1. The postwar behavioral pseudoscience as a systemic attack on the Darwinian revolution and the Darwinian explanation for group difference, and in particular, the Darwinian result of western rule of law and western markets, and moreover, Christianity’s role in tolerating the Darwinian organization of western civilization, and the resulting hyper-innovation and hyper-adaptivity of western civilization over the past 5000 years. The purpose of the pre and postwar pseudoscientific, sophomoric, and secular-theological counter-revolution against the science of Darwin(biology), Menger(economics), Spencer(sociology), Nietzsche(aesthetics), and more recently against Watson-Crick (genetics) and in this century, cognitive science – by Freudianism, Boazianism, Marxism, neo-marxism (cultural marxism of Frankfurt), postmodernism (Gramsci Derrida et al), anti-male feminism (Friedan, Steinem et all), pc-woke- social construction, critical race theory, and anti-whiteness is a systemic attack across the spectrum on the Darwinian explanation for the disproportionate success of western civilization in the rate of innovation and of adaptation, relative to all other civilizations combined, and the result of western civilization dragging mankind almost single-handedly out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature.
2. AFAIK (a) nature-nurture debate ended in 2000 with nature, not nurture. (b) sex differences as substantive by 2012. (c) class differences as genetic by 2015. (d) intelligence and personality as genetic by 2018. (e) race differences as genetic and *substantive* in 2019. In every case the historical stereotype that human reproduction results in behavioral differences no different from any other domesticated animal. In 2020 we understand consciousness. So as far as I know the debate is over. With debate being over we must focus on raising, educating, employing – and yes, producing different communities with different norms – that serve the interests of different groups with different abilities.
3. “The environment does not produce systemic differences in behavior. (twin studies/adoption method) and Genetics do produce systemic differences in behavior. (twin studies/adoption method).” AFAIK: The best term for non-genetic variation is not ‘environment’ but ‘idiosyncratic consequences of development’, and “humans are grown by genetics by continuous communication within and between cells – and not manufactured by a plan.
4. “Education is the last bastion against genetics.” BOTH education and politics are the last bastions. The two primary difference between races, classes, and sexes is rate of, depth of, maturity, and the educational, social, economic, differences that result, and the vast political differences are the relative size of the underclasses, and the pressure to establish norms for any group that satisfy the spectrum of that group.

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