Complete Text of Correspondence with Brittany Wallman at the Sun Sentinel on The Sovereign American Project.

Brittany Wallman @BrittanyWallman Investigative reporter @SunSentinel
*2019 Pulitzer team* Mom, wife, churchgoer, runner (@Oiselle Volée) @UFJschool Raised in Iowa & Okla. Ukulele student

I’m a journalist trying to reach you. 954 356 4541
Fri 8:06 AM

Hi Brittany, Please tell me the topic or message a list of questions here and I’ll give you a call. (Browsing your feed suggests we’d agree on many things but one never knows, and while I want to solve the problems of our age, the public discourse is too poisoned for adult discourse, and my work in scientific method, law and economics, group strategies, and politics is intellectually challenging in the best of environments – and we aren’t in one of those. We don’t live in an age like that of the founders. 😉 ) -Cheers
Fri 9:28 AM

Great! We are writing about The Sovereign American Project, which is newly incorporated here in South Florida by Noah Revoy, Matt Lawlor and Nate Major. It looks like you and Propertarian Institute incubated it, in a sense. I want to talk to you about the Sovereign American project, curious if you have any relationship to it other than being like minded and close with Noah et al. Seeking your thoughts and comments on what we can expect from groups like SAP. What are their intentions? How do we interpret their presence in light of what happened in D.C., etc? Also wanted to know your relationship with Doolittle Institute here in Fla.
My cell is 954 531 2171
Fri 10:19 AM

Call you this afternoon. -hugs
Fri 11:58 AM

Superb ! if you can let me know what time, I will make sure I’m not tied up. Regardless, I’ll hop on call with you whenever you make yourself available. Thanks!
Fri 12:59 PM

I didn’t hear from you and with the time difference (are you in Kiev?) maybe I won’t for a bit. Experts here are saying that the Sovereign American Project’s ties to Russia, through YOU, are alarming. Is there cause for alarm? Are you helping Russia undermine the U.S. via the white supremacy movement?
Fri 7:03 PM

Can you help us understand and address the fears related to the emergence of The Sovereign American Project?
Fri 7:04 PM

Sorry. My fault. Minor family crisis took my attention. It’s too late to call so I’ll answer here thoroughly in text and we can talk more tomorrow if you’d like – although I think, as usual, this should be thorough.

1) There are a lot of rumors about me. Rumors develop a life of their own. It try to be very transparent in order to quash them but right-wing lower classes have been traumatized for so long that they use paranoia and conspiracy theory to gain some sense of mindfulness.  I have a business in Ukraine because developers there cost 1/5 of what they do in America – and 100x more appreciative of it than Americans. Prior to working on the Institute nearly full time I was a serial tech entrepreneur and I have done business all around the world, owning companies across western countries. After my second bout of cancer I just wanted to get away from running a stressful business, a horrible divorce because of that stress and illness, and get away from the hate-filled environment in the states and Ukraine is still a traditional society. It just turned out that the revolution happened while I was there.

2) Regarding ‘Russia’ or ‘China’ or ‘Israel’ or ‘Islam’ or France for that matter, or any other outside force with usual outside geostrategic interests in undermining the American remains of the British empire that has overextended itself militarily, politically, and economically. What kind of delusion would someone have to live under that thinks there is a “We” in America rather than two sets of highly incompatible people forced to live under the same government, when that government isn’t, as the founders intended, limited to defense, trade, trade disputes between the states, and a guarantee of republican government? What evidence is there that the right and left can compromise on anything whatsoever? We ended integration into the western intellectual, social, political, legal, and historical model and without it we followed our natural incentives and we naturally divided along the female reproductive, moral, and cognitive bias of the left and the male reproductive, moral, and cognitive bias of the right. This is what we see in every advanced country that has achieved any degree of gender equality of opportunity – men and women move MORE to stereotypical behaviors and preferences not less. That’s what’s happening here in the states at great scale because we are a country of great scale – not 5M or 10m ethnically homogenous protestant Northern Europeans. This is well known in the literature of social science, psychology, and genetics. It’s inescapable natural human behavior let loose by the industrial revolution, the slow replacement of agrarian norms, massive immigration, and . So I just think people who pull foreign interference out of a magic hat live under the delusion that their moral and cognitive biases are ‘right or true or just’ and that the other side is wrong when these choices are evolutionary and genetic origins and expressions of profound consequence that don’t need any foreign influence. So I view questions of foreign interference as sticking our heads in the sand in order to pretend the enormous elephants in the room. In other words even thinking such nonsense removes one from the possibility of adult conversation on the great problems of our age – that every other continental empire has faced since empires came into existence. We are becoming the middle east, south america, becuase without ethinc homogeneity we cannot become India or china, and without western rule of law of reciprocity and Christian morality charity an civil society to tolerate that rule of law, and the markets, and natural eugenics that suppress the reproduction of those unfit to compete in them that result from those markets, we cannot even become Europe. We must become south America or the middle east. This is just the boring uninspiring scientific reality.

3) I am a ‘constitutional fundamentalist’, or a rule of law of natural law fundamentalist just like the founders. There is almost no difference between my work, the work of Adams and Jefferson other than I have the luxury of greater understanding of formal logic, and the eight failings of the original constitution that would defend it from pseudoscience, sophistry, contrivance, and deceit, thanks to having been part of the first wave of mainstream revolutions in computer science.I have a massive and technical corpus of work that documents my entire project of legal and economic reforms so that we can peacefully separate because of this inescapable reality. Europe, India, China, and the middle east have each gone through multiple iterations of the same problem for all of recorded history. So my work is in public, and working in public instead of in journals was part of my intellectual experiment: could it be done? Would people be interested? Did we still need to work in the academy? Well, our ancestors didn’t, and it turns out we don’t, and the public is a willing participant in psychological and sociological experimentation on them if you run that experiment as a ‘game’. The technique I used to do that is also documented on my site ‘King of the Hill Games”. So everything I do is in public, and is all publicly available and anyone can read. So instead of having to read my ‘notes’ like most intellectuals, my ‘notes’ are posted for later public explanation of how I worked through a series of very hard problems that troubled the great minds of the twentieth century in the scientific method, truth, and the formal logic of law and jurisprudence.

5) My reading of history, world demographics, world economics, like many other thought leaders in geostrategy, geoeconomics, and political theory, has been, since perhaps 1990, but certainly since I started writing in 2004, that we would have a world shift in economic and strategic power, a civil war, and perhaps a world war to seize opportunity somewhere between 2019 and 2023. So far I’m as accurate in my strategic predictions as I have been in my economic predictions – because demographics is destiny. So my decade long project to find a solution so that we can settle our differences by separation as the founders originally intended, and the restoration of political, economic, social, family, and behavioral policy to the states, so that we can, as Europeans have, continue to adapt politics, economics, and commons to differences in genetic and cultural preerence. My strategy, which annoys the FBI, is that I believe given the capture of our institutions, and media, that it’s impossible to have this discussion without public awareness of the certainty of this coming civil war, and that the conservatives must create a credible threat of this civil war breaking out (just as BLM and Antifa have done). My goal was to organize that gathering and focus the dialog on solutions that are mutually beneficial rather than escalating conflict that will end in bloodshed on a scale that hasn’t been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire. And unfortunately, when I tried, the right – overpopulated by angry resentful idiots turned on me, my partner, and my organization and made that impossible. That hasn’t stopped me from doing my intellectual program but it has convinced me that at this point the political opportunity for settlement has passed, and that horrible civil war that has been bubbling for decades will now spill out into daily life across the country and it will be unstoppable because it will gain momentum with every act and every retaliation for every action. So I consider our efforts to direct the frustration of half the population to political solution by open public discourse failed, and my only hope is that if better minds somehow prevail in a world without people the caliber of our founders, that my work will be useful in framing options.

4) My constitutional proposed reforms are available on > main menu > Reforms at different levels of completion as I work through the process in public for any who are interested to see. It copies the founders’ organization by the declaration, preamble, and constitution, and most innovations are technical such as defining rights by strict construction from reciprocity, and so like most legal theory, it is unsuitable for mass consumption. I originally wrote these under the assumption that a credible threat was necessary. But the public knows now. They may not be talking about it yet, but we all feel it. The Overton Window of our incompatibility and the impossibility of resolution of our differences has moved into the mainstream.

5) I didn’t know about the sovereign American project until you contacted me. It’s offline now. But I could view it via cached pages at The site looks like a very clear and deliberate application of my work, in an attempt to make it publicly digestible and politically actionable. I made a few phone calls and my understanding is that these are people who have followed me for a long time and want to again to make a political movement out by applying my work. So it looks like while I have no faith any longer that a solution to our present crisis is possible, others haven’t.

But if anyone thinks the USA is special, and can fill a continent with a culturally heterogeneous population that matures at different rates, with different demographic distributions, with different group evolutionary strategies, and different moral and therefore political instincts, they are clearly unfit to hold opinions on much of anything. As historian Will Durant said so elegantly, in his study of religion and philosophy he found no answers there. Those answers are in history. History is the evidence of man rolled up for all of us to see.”  And those of us who know history are doomed to suffer the follies of those who don’t.

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to do my small part and save us from the coming tragedy.


Thank you for this! It leaves me wondering, is it accurate to say Sovereign American Project, based on your ideas, supports peaceful separation of whites and non-whites? If so I wonder what you and SAP think of what happened at the Capitol on Jan 6? The SAP team was in DC that day acc to their Tweet – would they have been party to violence or invading the Capitol? I’m still digesting your ideology but given current events I have to wonder if your ideological “students” would be in the crowd with the Trump “stop the steal” folks and would resort to brute force to achieve their ends? Also I interpret your response to be saying the idea you are a Russian asset is “nonsense” and a distraction from America’s true problems which lie within. Correct?
Yesterday, 7:40 AM

Also there is an allegation that Richard Nikoley has a Dept of Defense IP address. He declined to respond to me about it. The accusation is this gives Sovereign American access to classified info.
Yesterday, 7:45 AM

And there was an allegation of connection to US military through you and the Doolittle Institute in Fla. We don’t see a connection between you and this institute- are we wrong?
Yesterday, 7:46 AM

Would your “disciples,” shall we say, be justified in violence on Wednesday to prevent Biden from being inaugurated?
Yesterday, 10:10 AM


No reporter would use this language. You represented yourself as a reporter. Religions have disciples, Ideologies have advocates. Scientists have promoters. I do science. That’s why it’s so disagreeable to everyone around the political compass because it exposes everyone’s tribal ideological, and religious lies.

I can only tell you what I’ve read online and the SAP looks like a fair representation of some of my work suitable for popular consumption because the technical aspects are left out.

My work and the SAP reflection of it is specific in that we must separate by political preference because political preferences are reflections of genetic demand for different norms, commons, and institutions. So if some people want racially homogenous polities and others want ideologically or religiously homogenous polities then that’s fine. Because it creates a market for different polities and that market is the reason for european success over all the rest in the bronze, iron, and steel ages. Markets calculate. The more calculation the better.

I compare one event by conservatives at the capitol where one person was hurt on each side, because 75M+ people honestly believe the left stole the election, and that this is just another in the 70 year project to destroy western civilization from within as a rational reaction by an oppressed people. I practice European reciprocal and universal ethics, so I compare it with a year of being terrorized, subject to random violence, days on end of riots, looting, fires, and attacks on police and government offices by democratic party advocates, BLM and Antifa – a non-event. Because both sides are showing how close we are to a civil war.

So if your tribe can resort to violence and insurrection for a year without any political push back, and by being justified by the press why should I care about one event that was timid compared to every one of the left’s events. But that’s because I’m an adult using universalist ethics.

My policy and recommendation is that we must separate as the founders intended, into states, that determine their political, social, economic operation and goals. That’s what the constitution promised us. And that’s what I advocate for.
Yesterday, 1:31 PM

I’ve never heard of the Doolittle whatever in Florida until you mentioned it. It’s named after general jimmy doolittle who bombed tokyo and then reformed the military industrial complex under Eisenhower. We are all related because we are a small family from puritan founders of the Boston and New Haven colonies. And Doolittle is an anglicization of norman Dolietta – producing a lot of Do and Du variants.

Richard Nikoley was an early follower but really not a practitioner of the formal logic of natural law that I teach. He tried to get involved but he wasn’t a fit for the technical nature of our work. I think he was a career navy guy if I remember.
Yesterday, 1:35 PM

Now, to be honest with you so that you have less incentive to fantasize and invent connections that don’t exist.

I’m a very competent person. In multiple fields. If I want to start a revolution in the USA I would just put out a half dozen videos by email to explain how it’s done, and how to win, and why it will succeed, and they would spread from person to person virally in minutes.

My objective – which you ignore – is to prevent that war by devolving the federal powers to the States, and maintaining a federal government as the founders designed it, and as the holy roman empire of the greater european peoples survived for over a thousand years.
Yesterday, 1:39 PM

Now I have answered your questions honestly and thoroughly despite your lack of professional candor. I don’t really believe you’re a journalist. You might be some kind of independent gossip seller. But a journalist reports. that’s not what you’re doing.


If you doubt that I am a news reporter, just Google. You will readily see my work. This is reporting – I am going to the original sources – not using second or third-hand info. And I very much appreciate that you are communicating with me. I am working with
@MegsNewz (she and I constitute the investigations team) and @inaminorkey
Yesterday, 1:50 PM

I’m not ignoring your ideas or comments. As a reporter it is my duty to get your response to the allegations. I can’t simply take your ideas and extrapolate answers myself. I don’t want to assume anything.
Yesterday, 1:52 PM

Thank you for this – I will read and ponder on it.
Yesterday, 1:55 PM

My email is by the way
Yesterday, 2:12 PM

Disciple: a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher. In using that term I was viewing you as the teacher/leader/philosopher. And the folks at SAP as carrying your ideas. I think that agrees with what you said – even if you were offended by that term.
Yesterday, 2:16 PM

I am extremely sensitive to intellectual dishonesty and the leftist method of deception. It’s one of the core aspects of my work. You chose those terms from the field of terms because it suited you. I’m not offended other than I am jealous of my time. So, fine. I’ll take you at face value. Let’s move on.

Contacted today by one of the team that says they were unaware that I was unaware of them.
Yesterday, 6:11 PM

My understanding is that the entire conservative infrastructure is moving off of leftist owned and financed into conservative owned and financed hosting. And that this is the reason they are offline. Taking it offline makes no sense to me but I don’t have insight.
Yesterday, 6:20 PM


Hello. We’ll be putting a story together today. Noah and the others declined to cooperate for the story. FYI.
11:13 AM

They’re just paranoid because they believe you’ll just smear them with popular tropes, cast them as violent rather than protesters, cast them as hating rather than seeking peaceful separation, and not take what they say on the site at face value. We all started out as libertarians. John Mark approached me in the fall of 18 with the idea we might popularize my work by appealing to the disenfranchised right because they’re an angry mob that we hoped to turn into an organized political body. “organize a disorganized polity” but it’s impossible. They’re a leaderless, angry, economically and politically ostracized mob, traumatized by the destruction of their history, traditions, religion, and culture, and a disorganize mob of an army lacking thought leaders, group leaders, and enough worldly experience to act on their own. Too much macho, not enough discipline, too evangelical on one and, or too militant on the other.

Like I said and like I told the FBI. This civil war has turned from warm to hot and is beyond leaders now. At least trump provided hope. So now it’s going to devolve into chaos on both sides.

We are impossibly divided by impossible differences.

The story posted – I think we gave it an honest assessment. Thanks for the communications.
Yesterday, 5:48 PM


As expected. You cast it as a supremacist organization pent on violence rather than a political organization seeking to avoid our continuous march into violence, by suggesting we should restore the original constitution as an alliance of states with different cultures according to the preferences and needs of the peoples of different regions and localities.

There are no countries that are governable of this scale, and all such attempts at empire (china, india, middle east) result in state failure, legal failure, or developmental failure. and they are easily conquerd externally.

This is why ‘those of us who understand history, economy, demographics, and genetics are doomed to suffer the ignorance of those who dont’.

I don’t believe you could have done better. The truth would have served as advertising not news. It would have failed to fit the newspaper’s brand narrative. And it would have failed to satisfy the editor’s interest in your story. And your interest in income from it.

This is ‘why we can’t have nice things’. We can’t speak the truth because only lies that produce moral outrage, and virtue signal spirals that together generate moral panic, abandonment of reason, and demand for continued conflict.

You didn’t lie. Which is a good thing. You didn’t attack me. that’s a good thing. So for that I”m grateful.

Thank you and good luck.




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