Revolutionary Duty

Q: Curt, What now?

We learned that the military won’t intervene (Like I said). We learned security is weak. We learned conservatives had hit their limit of tolerance. But that conservatives are a diorganized amateurish leaderless mess.

Now we get serious. Trump is gone. Enemy is in Power. The Conservative Fail Army Failed again – although not QUITE as bad as Charlottesville.

So I’ll put out the plan in a set of videos. (assuming the mouth breather-boys don’t disincentivize me too much). And get serious. (not that I want to)

I’m not motivated to do it but I’ll do my duty out of loyalty.

If we can get the rest of the Right to do their duty of loyalty to one another rather than seek their preferred privilege (method of failure), maybe we can end a century of FAILURE.

I’ll get to work.

“In the coming waves of mass arrests, among them will likely be the next true leader of the Right.”

That which does not kill you only serves to make you stronger. Coming after leaders confirms that they are leaders.

“What I am seeing is an extension of Charlottesville. The political ostracisation that started with white nationalists is now being extended to Trump’s base.”

Yes. Because of Right Wing Sh-t leadership, Sh-t strategy in both cases and an anti-intellectual base. A Fail Army.

They got into the capital. But squandered it – like clowns. Had they stood on the podium and issued demands it would have mattered. Because a narrative could have been started. The right is useless and continuing a century of hard face-planting failure.

Conservatives in an image? Showing hollow bravado, hoping the enemy is scared and runs away. When in reality, the enemy is braver than the cowardly Right. That’s the truth.

Non-event. Paper tigers. No leadership. No plan. No demands. Didn’t hold bldg. No message sent. Only boosted enemy confidence.

Like I said: Military will NOT ACT. Trump will not lead. Right are cowards.

Either act to control narrative or fail. Told ya’ so. We were right. Sigh.

Trump needed his loyalists to show up and create the necessity for him to declare martial law. But conservatives are ‘nice people’ and leftists are ‘natural criminals’ so without a leader to set agenda or a plan, or demands they failed to give trump what he needed.

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