The Choice: The Indefensibility of the War Against Western Civilization

Some argue that cultural Marxism is a silly term, but I think it works well. It describes a leveling desire that is no longer primarily interested in class, but it demographic groups. It sees society as a battle between races, sexes, and sexualities for power. – Bo Weingard

The Correct (And Only) Answer

Cultural Marxists(the Jews in the Frankfurt School), repeated their transformation of Judaism’s cultural institutionalization of the strategy of drug dealers, prostitutes, loan sharks, faith healers, and priesthoods: the false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe, in exchange for membership in a non-violent army, that together cooperates, under the plausible denial of physical non-aggression and plausible deniability of a divine religion, in mass organization of sedition, and fomenting sedition through evangelism, against informational, logical, habitual, normative, traditional, and institutional tools of organization, in a slow incremental battle against those that discover, adapt to, and apply those institutional rules.

They then transformed the Jewish Group strategy from an ethnic means of warfare against the productive peoples, into Christianity, which institutionalized their method of warfare against the Roman empire and European Reason, Law, Markets, and Tolerance. And accomplished nothing but a thousand-year dark age of ignorance and parasitism by the Jews themselves and the Organized Church that they invented.

Then, immediately upon their liberation from justified historical containment from and prosecution of their crimes by Europeans, they proceeded by transforming Judaism into Marxism, repeating the method of Christian sedition, by again transforming Marxism from fomenting an in-group economic battle between the GENETIC classes in a homogenous society falsely promising an alternative organization to merit (natural selection)

Then, immediately upon the failure of Marxism, and the horrors it produced, they transformed marxism into the cultural marxism of the Frankfurt School to foment an ingroup-outgroup battle between races, sexes, sexualities AGAINST homogenous societies, by again falsely promising an alternative to merit (natural selection).

Then upon the success of Cultural Marxism, Then they invented postmodernism .. power … lying   because truth results in the natural laws of the universe.

pc, woke, explicity white political disempowerment by minority status, explicit anti-whiteness, explicit  white replacement, white genocide

And just as drug dealers, prostitutes, loan sharks … they found a customer base to turn into clientelle (clientellism), a pulpit to preach from in university, media, and entertainment, and credit expansion to obscure the consequences, and that was to use the academy, media, advertising, … to remove the feedback loop, and to indoctrinate the first generation of the laboring class off the farm, and the first generation of women out of the household – both made possible by european discovery adaptation to and application of those laws… of the laws of the universe

The entire history of jewish thought from boaz, marx, freud … onward is a revolt against the industrial revolution that dilute their powers of localw persuasion and parasitism, against their regional poewrs of financial parasitism upon the poor, …

Reciprocity and Proportionality (Merit) = Eugenic: adversarial competition maintaining natural selection. Necessary for clan, tribe, nation, survival.
Reciprocity and Equality (Non-Merit) = Dysgenic: social conformity maintaining stasis. Rise and Fall All.

The Jewish group strategy has been consistent for all of their recorded history, both pre-egyptian, egyptian, mosopotamian, levantine, roman, and during the diaspora:

The whole of the (Jewish) Left’s Postwar Program (Reverse Pogrom) is a revolt against Darwin and Malthus’ explanation of the success of the Western Tradition, using false-promise of freedom from scarcity, self-interest, amorality, reciprocity, kin preference, and genetic load, regression-2-mean, as a means of warfare against western civilization, that would deprive them of specialization in parasitism on the private and common by false promises of freedom from laws of nature.

So it’s not cultural marxism alone, it’s Islam Judaism, Marxism, Socialism, Cultural marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, science denial, pc/woke, anti-white, anti-west.

Why? It’s not possible to compete given their <95 medians. It’s not possible to prey upon 105+ medians.

It’s not possible to argue against this framework. You can try. You must lie, and conspire to engage in sedition, treason, warfare, culture-cide, civilization-cide, and ethnic genocide to even try. Even trying to argue against it merely licenses warfare, culture-cide, civilization-cide, and ethnocide in response.

This is war. It’s total war. War against every market in western civilization: association, cooperation, production of goods, services, and information, reproduction, commons, trifunctional elites, trifunctionalism itself, polities, and warfare. It is a war against our first principle of self-determination, self-determined means, sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty, and the rapid adaptivity … And we are the only fully market civilization, with the only rule of law, with the only trifunctional market between elites, with the only demand for truth-before-face, reciprocity and warranty, and the high trust innovative and adaptive prosperity and resulting harmony that results – at the cost of the preservation of natural selection by the constraint of the reproduction of the unproductive, and the Christian ethic of sacrificial care for those who natural markets, nature, and nature’s god have determined unfit to burden the rest of us by replication of their genes.

Only the west practices trifunctionalism in a competition between elites mediated by our natural law of self-determination, by sovereignty reciprocity, truth, and duty. With the failure of the catholic church to … …..

While there are four visions competing in the West: The Russian Martial Masculine Paternal Orthodox Authoritarian, The French State-Church Feminine Maternal Latin Authoritarian, The Anglo-Germanic Protestant Militial Paternal Rule of Law of Markets, and the Jewish Semitic Feminine Monopoly Authoritarian. All four of these visions persist in their group strategies that are thousands of years old. The Germans have abandoned their attempts at thought leadership and the formation of elites. And the Intermarium Slavic peoples have been unable to form elites without the Poles, who have been set back seventy years by the Soviets, and infantilized by EU membership, who must finish their maturity and take that leadership for it to succeed. The Russians have group strategy, but they are lying in wait, and don’t actively compete in the discourse, because they are justifiably untrustful of the jews for their crimes against the Russian and Ukrainian people, the germans for historical reasons – despite their natural interests in a cultural and economic alliance, and even more untrustful of Americans for our ‘nativity’, spreading of decadency, and suicide that they managed to painfully escape at the cost of a century and millions of dead.

As a contrast, the Chinese have chosen fascism – the ethnocentric military-industrial state, printing rather than borrowing money, markets and eugenics, not communism and the Jewish globalist financial or industrial state-run for peasants and the resulting dysgenia. The Indians maintain their ‘we are many, and kill we will them with kindness’ strategy but against China and Islam it will fail. So we will see India increasingly moving to decreased territorial, religious, and cultural, tolerance.

So there are only three sets of these elites in the west vying for power: The Jewish Female Authoritarian strategy of undermining, and continuing the rapid conquest of western civilization by incentivizing race, class, sex, cultural, informational conflict – and even logical conflict, and underclass invasion – repeating the fall of Rome, and their repetition in Bolshevik revolution and terrors, and German counter-revolution against it. The Semitic Roman Catholic and French Feminine Authoritarian strategy of state dominance, bloody terrors, and socialism leading to slow conquest of Europe by Islam. Or the European, Germanic, and Anglo continuation of our ancient rule of law repeating the otherwise unimaginable success of Europeans in the Bronze Age of pre-literate Indo-European expansion, the Iron Age Greek reason Roman administration and Roman peace – that dragged mankind out into reason and failed, and the European age of sail and steel’s that dragged mankind single-handedly, kicking and screaming all the while, out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vice of oppression between human tyranny and the vicissitudes of a nature, geology, climate, solar system, and universe all but hostile to the existence of life – and is on the verge of failure.

We have a choice between a future under the Jewish Muslim Semitic civilization of endemic lying, parasitism, stagnation, decline, and dysgenia – another dark age and the very real possibility of failing to pass through the Great Filter, or to continue the European Tradition and its high costs, and to transcend ourselves into the gods we imagine by continuing our long history of discovery, adaptation to, and application of, the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe, nature, and nature’s god.

I have, and my organization has provided a peaceful means of settling this war between the masculine eugenic evolutionary and adaptive European elites that have been a boon to mankind, and the dysgenic devolutionary and maladaptive Semitic elites that have undermined roman elites, culture, rule of law, administration, destroyed its statues, monuments, temples, arts, letters, and knowledge, closed its schools of philosophy, exiled, or killed its teachers and philosophers, and doomed us to a dark age of superstition, ignorance, starvation, and decline. It’s principle features is to require truthful, meaning testifiable, warrantable, restitutable speech in public to the public, in matters public, and to criminalize false promise in the political sphere as we have only lightly criminalized false promise in the personal sphere – by defamation, and in the commercial sphere – by fraud. We provide analytic criteria for passing those tests that will survive in court. This will economically destroy sedition by politicians, bureaucrats, the academy, education, commentariat, media, entertainment, advertising, and marketing – and even more so in the underground sedition and parasitism of the financial sector, including the federal reserve, the ‘big banks’,

Yes, western civilization is the most demanding civilization to live in, but also the one with most freedom of opportunity because of those demands.
The choice is easy for those willing to pay the cost of adapting to ‘whiteness’ by full integration: our institutions merely reflect universal laws.
Those that cannot are welcome to return, or separate, but may not govern or rule or engage in sedition.
And those that choose to persist in the Semitic war against western civilization are the enemies of our people, of mankind, of nature, and nature’s god.
And in this judgment for their crimes, neither nature or nature’s god will reserve judgment.
The only choice is left to man.
I choose, we choose, the laws of nature and nature’s god, the laws of Western Civilization that the enemy disparages as “whiteness”.

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