What Replaces the Term Christianity for Jesus’ Teachings?

“Christ” means messiah. And it has nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings. It’s another Semitic fictionalism (lie) to convert his philosophical insights into supernatural deceits, to build a church of revolution (army of undermining) against civilization, with Jesus’ insights into how to tolerate the change brought about by civilization – a vast increase in the division of labor knowledge and ability. So I don’t know what to call the teachings of Jesus, like any other philosopher, without the ‘lie’ christ (Christianity) around it. Archimedes, Democritus, Aristotle, Plato, Epicurus, Jesus, Confucius. So Jesusism? Nazareneism? Loveism? I dunno but something devoid of the Semitic hatred of reality, of life, of mankind, of civilization, of joy.

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