Why Do Western Women Undermine Western Civilization?


1. Anglos converted to 100% middle class, seeking cheap success in democracy without paying the cost of maintaining our intellectual, social, economic, political advantage by military service, unity, political control.

2. Aryanism (European civilization’s core drive) is heroic so breeds altruism and virtue signaling.

3. Christianity teaches submission, pacifism, tolerance, and amplifies altruism, altruistic punishment, and virtue signal spirals if virtue can be proxied through political pretense instead of personal action at personal cost. Fake Christians. Fake Christian Ethics.

4. And Women are Worst. They seek attention. They seek attention as aggressively as men seek sex. And verbal signaling is cheaper for them than men’s signaling status by demonstrated achievement.

And they seek safety. They seek safety by signaling non-aggression. They seek safety by virtue-signaling non-aggression. They used mass communication combined with women in the voting pool, to virtue signal without personal cost.

They created a market of escalating demands for attention, and escalating demand for attention by virtue signaling of non-aggression, thereby producing virtue signal spirals that convert from non-aggression and tolerance to aggression and intolerance. (Just as Popper predicted.)

5. This demand for attention, the pretense of non-aggression, virtue signaling (value signaling), and escalating demand for attention by virtue-signaling into virtue signal spirals, that turns into intolerance, aggression and undermining is simply female social super-predation industrialized by mass communication, where the costs of their political ‘accommodation’ of the enemies of civilization are born by men and men alone.

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