All this talk of religion and ideology is camouflage.

I think it’s ironic that I can live in any former Soviet republic and write about anything to my heart’s content, but not in the USA because ‘woke’ religion protection of feelings takes precedence over truth, reciprocity, rule of law, sovereignty, and 5000 years of European civ.

—“Any thoughts as to why Soviet Communism seems to have been destructive in the long run than this woke cult? Cultural and Ethnic identity seem to stay in place despite Soviet economic destruction whereas in the West is facing a far greater problem with even basic idea of itself.”— SepteusTwo @Septeus

That’s a great question that I’ll answer in long-form another time.

Short version:

1: Soviet communism was just greater militarization of the society, economy, and state than the fascists desired or achieved, thus vastly reducing labor costs, but producing continuous decay in labor productivity.

1.1 The Soviets took from three generations to fail, and three more to disintegrate. (Our fault, we could have helped them).  The woke has tried population replacement and three generations. And it will take a long time to fail. The difference is, what will be left when it fails? Another dark age?

2: Both communism and fascism were designed for TOTAL WAR against liberalism, w/ fascism against Judaism and communism. So the obvious sequence of Market Order -> liberalism > social democracy > fascism > communism <- Military Order. All the ‘talk’ of ideology is just propaganda.

3: Propaganda (lies) to justify obedience. The ‘slavery’ propaganda in the USA was no different from France’s catholic socialism against England’s Scandinavian protestant liberalism, or Italy and Germany’s fascism, or Russia’s communism, or Jewish Marxist-pomo-pc-woke-anti-white.

4: China is now organized for total war, Islam is organized for total war, and Judaism for total war, and we are not, nor is Russia or India though Russia is closest because they ‘understand’ the problem. India will likely get there.

5: The Jewish Marxist-neo-Marxist-pomo-pc-woke-anti-white machine controls propaganda and marched through the institutions just as they said they would – Hitler said what he would do, and the Jews said what they would do – and did it. “Usurp the means of cultural production.”

6:Movements must create propaganda and develop a clientele and implement clientelism to create a state within a state, and to destroy the state from within. They did it in Rome, Spain, Germany, Russia, now USA – and certainly Canada. In part because the french are co-conspirators.

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