Philosophy as a paradigm, was exhausted before the 20th

One would only read continental philosophy if one was not competent to read contemporary algorithmic logic, genetics, cognitive science, behavioral economics. Philosophy as a paradigm, as knowledge, and truth rather than just choice (preferencde) was exhausted before the 20th, and has gone the way of theology as a footnote in the history of thought. If you invest in the frame provided by the French(Rousseau, Voltaire et al), Germans (Kant et all), or the Ashkenazi (Freud, boas, Marx, et al) then you create an impediment to knowledge, not knowledge. Every single one of those thinkers was trying to deny anglo empiricism and legalism, and to create a secular theology to replace the church – because most if not all people who are indoctrinated into the Abrahamic faiths are left vulnerable to lack of sufficient confidence and resulting mindfulness to bear the continuous struggle of continuous learning, reorganization, and adaptation that adversarial empiricism demands. Or said differently, continental philosophy serves as a psudoscientific range from Russian, to German, to french, to Ashkenazi that seeks to avoid the responsibility of the restoration of Aristotelianism and classical thought. The weak west is addicted to the false promise of false explanations because we lack a narrative or mythos that provides mindfulness in the face of continuous adaptation to the discovery of, application of, and consequences of our increasing correspondence with the laws of the universe. This is why we require military training to compensate for Christian doctrine. And is why the Greeks invented tragedy so that we could tolerate it. And why Jesus of Nazareth discovered and taught the only means of getting over that tragedy for the bottom: the extension of kinship love to all in the polity. But the Paulians abused that message by wrapping it in false promise of freedom from those laws, rather than the use of love and compassion to tolerate them. In other words, this video is yet another exercise in justifying western man’s Christian addiction to submission and cowardice as a pretense of conviction rather than a convenience of not taking responsibility for dragging one’s self, and one’s people out of superstition, ignorance, dysgenia, and decline. So the people who are weak seek pseudoscience and sophistry as sedation against the stress of the recognition of their unfitness to survive because they cannot or will not evolve along with the state of human knowledge in our long journey from beast, to man, to godhood ourselves. The reason the white disenfranchised are alienated, conquered, and defeated is their Christian cowardice masquerading as false pride and conviction – but nothing more than addicts to a frame of lies, and spending down a civilization built by better men.

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