Explaining the Confusion of The Conservative Mind


  1. Conservative males mistake their intertemporal predictive modeling as a need for woo-woo. If you need woo-woo it means that which you are contemplating is beyond your present knowledge. It’s the instinct to patrol the borders of your territory to gain the info to model it.
  2. The problem you face is that the territory isn’t physically accessible, and the model requires knowledge of the population, economics, politics, and abstract information.
  3. So the Left’s Feminine mind can’t do intertemporal prediction and they just manufacture falsehoods. But the Right Mascluine mind manufactures demand for falsehoods too.
  4. The difference is that the left’s short term falsehood is continuously actionable using gossip and information distortion but yours requires you act on information but that the available information that is being distorted by the left – and you lack a means of defeating that.
  5. I try to provide you with P-law which is will allow you to model the world by seeing through or past the distortion, allowing to to correct the distortion, and allowing you together to organize because you see past that distortion.
  6. Because you are all searching for woo woo to organize against and it’s all failing. Becaues you’re just as bad as the left at searching for falsehoods. For the simple reason that developing a model of the world at this scale is very difficult. And P-Logic solves that problem.
  7. Unfortunately while P-law exists, you want feels not realz just like the left wants feelz not realz. So you double down on your various woo woos that you can feel, instead of learning the ‘science’ that would provide you with a model of the world free of woo woo: P-law.

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