Is Christianity Salvageable? 


IMO, and I realize that this is an area of your specialty, I don’t work in ideals but in necessities, and the failure to solve the problem of heterogeneous underclasses (vs india and china) was a substantive one. He looks to me to be solving that problem regardless of the church.

-“But is [jesus] really solving it? I understand that if you want somehow to operationalize Christianity, you would have to boil down his preaching of love to those 5 tenets and then strictly circumscribe it to the kindergarten. Is it feasible to do that today?”-Dan

Let’s try again. Did Aristotle/Epicurus solve empiricism? No.

  1. The west developed heroic, entrepreneurial, technological, war, law, polity, and economy at the cost of natural selection paid by the unfit to compete.
  2. As they conquered, their expanding economy demanded labor (slaves, women, peasants).
  3. They expanded too rapidly exhausting their domestic HUMAN (Aryan) resources and turned their strength in concentration into a weakness in dilution.
  4. This is the problem with the fast, expansionary war and conquest model of growth (as practiced in europe)- martial war vs the slow defensive technological warfare model of growth (as practiced in china) – Total War
  5. So the problem of enfranchising (Europe) is different from the problem of indoctrinating (china). Both models are possible as long as one doesn’t exhaust the originary human capital. IOW, the rate of expansion is limited by the equilibrium between aristocracy + kin, and alien.
  6. So my argument is that Jesus discovered the cheapest possible solution to solving the problem of being subject to the (European-discovered) laws of the universe, including natural selection which has ‘selected them for removal’ – by the process of extending kinship love.
  7. The consequence of rapid evolution (european aryans) exposing natural selection (underclasses, especially among south eurasians, ~80’s), generated demand for tragedy among heterogeneous people just as it did for the Greeks (the tragedy) among homogeneous people.
  8. Which is why I argue that the jews merely copied the bible of the west(epic cycle) and in particular the tragic hero of the aristocracy(Achilles), by combining south eurasian(low iq) ancient mythos(Horus) into a tragic figure of jesus that was virtuous for suffering tragedy.
  9. (Confirming that they never invent anything they just copy it by converting it into lies.).
  10. So again, I work by searching for first causes, (what we consider first principles) and man’s history of innovation and adaptation by the satisfaction of demand.
  11. And my purpose is to destroy the system of lying, and its lies, even if those lies are entrenched, and millions or billions are addicted to them.
  12. Because if there is or are gods(the universe) and they speak to us at all (the laws of the universe), and have any plan for us at all (evolution into the hands of god) then only Europeans have identified god(s), discovered their words, applied them, to transcend man for them.
  13. The jews chose the devil(lies) and the strategy of women(stagnation), the Europeans chose the gods(truth) and the strategy of men(evolution), and the only struggle other than that is the slow Chinese or the fast European method. Or the failure of the Semites and their lies.
  14. My objective is to outlaw the lies of the Semites without outlawing the gains of extension of kinship love to kith, but not to enemies. In this way we can preserve the original insight of jesus, satisfy the devoted that they were in some way not ‘wrong’, and end semitic lying.
  15. So I think your specialty is to fight theological fire with theological fire from a position of political weakness, and mine is to fight theological fire with scientific and legal Halon from a position of political strength. So my mission is to obtain that political power.
  16. And instead of bribing people with false promises and lies, I want to ‘pay’ people with the end of the conflict, the restoration of self-determination, economic reforms that end the parasitism upon them and restore them, and exposing and defunding the enemy in every dimension.
  17. That requires a method of mandating a dialog that only the ‘threat’ seems possible to bring into being. And the right is a bunch of ignorant overconfident clown world man-boys lacking any possible empirical elite being crushed by the world’s best elite at parasitism.
  18. So the question is whether (a- the fast method) that power is obtainable given the clown world of the right (b-the medium method) the sale can be made at political pace, or (c-the slow method) we require a new religion because that fking sophistry is all the nitwits can handle without elites to boss them around.
  19. So is Christianity salvageable? That depends on the fundamentalists who are addicts, the traditionalists who only seek solutions, and the intellectuals who will tolerate any form of persisting superstition.
  20. The natural religion is debt payment to ancestors, heroes, nature, and the universe, and the celebration of our struggle to defeat that universe despite its hostility to us and all advanced life. So again, our ancient religion was heroic and evolutionary at the cost of underclasses, and Christianity was submissive and devolutionary at the cost of self-defense, innovation, and evolution.  The optimum admixture is simply reformation of our ancient religions – heathen nature, pagan ancestor and hero, and Christian care for the unfit in exchange for their constraint on reproduction.

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