“Q: What is your opinion on D.C. under siege?”

What is your opinion on D.C. under siege?


I didn’t approach the capitol building. It was someone else’s rally. Stepping on other leader’s toes has hurt in the past despite the exceptional strategic and tactical leadership of the Soros, ADL, SPLC, BLM, and Antifa on the ground, Republicans and conservatives have no strategic or tactical leaders on the ground or any organization or communication channels of note. The protest was, as usual, closer to the kids from 4h camp, bible study school, and high school football teams than to the revolutionaries I worked with in Ukraine, or the scum of the earth criminals that constitute BLM and Antifa foot soldiers who terrorize our cities.

But if I had made my way into the house chamber and stated these demands, how would the day have been interpreted differently?

In a two-party system that must of necessity evolve into feminine equalitarian and dysgenic vs masculine meritocratic and eugenic factions, where political preference is genetically determined and as involuntary and immutable as sex, race, and religious indoctrination;

Therefore, to resolve our differences peacefully, all political affiliation MUST be a protected class, and all political speech must be protected speech – so that we can have an open, honest, discussion over the devolution of federal powers to city-states and territorial states, and allow regional differences in educational, social, cultural, and economic interests, the freedom of self-determination. This one act of free speech alone will defuse much of the accumulated anger.

For none of us have the right to deprive others of self-determination by self-determined means, and to reap the rewards and pay the costs of our choices – without implicitly licensing the reciprocal deprivation of self-determination as well. We must have the right of self-determination, just as we demand all others in the world have the right to self-determination.

Otherwise, the only solution is escalating violence until this cold – now warm – civil war turns into the bloodiest in history, creating shockwaves around the world, greater than the French revolution, collapsing American strategic economic and political advantage; inciting long frustrated civilizational powers to seize the opportunity for expansion, and creating multiple uncontrollable wars around the world, and creating anther fall of Rome, and a second dark age of pseudoscience, sophistry, and superstition that you have by your ideological false promises brought about.

The American domestic empire was created to conquer the continent and preserve it from european imperial adventures, and its international powers the result of accidentally inheriting the British empires’ institutions of world law, finance, shipping, and trade.

But this short-lived postwar empire is more fragile than any power in history. The difference being that Americans are capable of feeding themselves in a world that without American or British military, law, and finance, will descend into poverty and regional starvation.

There is no need for homogeneity among 330M people. The central government functions as a continental empire not a federal government of multiple states, nor as a government of a large nation. Our country was designed as a loose federation of states, in imitation of the 1000 years of the Holy Roman Empire, and the more developed institutions that emerged from it in the British empire.

It is clear to the Conservatives that the Left in this country is trying to repeat the failures of the French in the present era, of the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, the Catholics and Marxists in South America, and the Jews and Muslims of the middle east, and ignores the recent rapid failure of the South African experiment.

And while will willingly grant the communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, and democrats the right of self-determination by self-determined means, we cannot allow the destruction of our way of life, another fall of European civilization, and another dark age of ignorance, by allowing you to drag us down with you in yet another failed experiment in violating the logical, physical, natural, and evolutionary, laws of the universe.

Scarcity will never end, the amorality of man, the self-interest of man, the kin selection of man will never end. Nor with the regression to the mean, the accumulation of genetic load, and the necessity of legal, power, Pareto, and nash equilibriums abate.

These are the false promises of the Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals, democrats, and even the civic nationalists.

Demographics is destiny. The relative size of the classes is destiny. And we are entering a global phase in which the vast knowledge, technological, institutional, and genetic advantage of Europeans and Northeast Asians has come to an end.

The future is one of return to scarcity, economic and political disruption, and a return to the conflict of civilizations. Because Malthus was not defeated only delayed.

So we will agree to grant you the right to self-determination by self-determined means if you agree to reciprocate and grant us the same right to self-determination by self-determining means – such that we separate into city-states, and states according to our wishes regardless of existing governments and borders.

But if you will not – then the only solution is death and destruction until one or the other surrenders from the accumulated losses.

Rallies and protests take tens or hundreds of thousands. But these are ceremonial acts. In a civil war, a small number of men, randomly distributed around the country, using random violence, random but frequent numerous fires, random destruction of power, telecom, data, gas, and water lines, making the interstate highways unsafe for travel, setting up checkpoints on secondary roads, and with the help of truckers linemen farmers and laborers the Left so despises, ending transport and trade, American will turn into Syria in forty-five days – as the pretense of federal power, the pretense of police power, the pretense our tiny military can exert any order vaporizes in the first two weeks.

Every geostrategist and military strategist in this country and around the world understands how fragile the American empire is from within.

If this is unacceptable to you, then by that choice, unworthy of life, and your presence as neighbors, countrymen, enemies, or even occupiers of this earth, by all laws of man, nature, and gods, you are deserving of extermination with prejudice. And neither we, nor the gods – if there are any – will have no mercy on your souls.

The only problem with the capital protest was the failure to deliver demands so that we can have a rational discussion of our futures and come to terms of settlement and separation – rather than continue the spiral into a repeat of the bolshevik revolution and the horrors that result.

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