24 March


THE WHITENESS CHECKLIST ‘Whiteness’ requires: Evidence of dominant ‘Steppe (Yamna) Ancestry’ (and NOT including (a) the South Eurasian spectrum: North African, Arab(peninsular), Levantine, Mesopotamian, post-conquest Levantine, Iranic-caucasian, Iranic, Indo Arabic, Indian, …

15 March

Response to David Fuller at Rebel Wisdom

REGARDING: https://t.co/H2hAbnEEnR 1 ) Simple version and fuller states it in the article above: Have I correctly identified the conflict between the left’s false promise of freedom from physical, logical, …

12 March

Yes, they’re responsible

And yes, Jewish thought leadership is largely behind the postwar destruction of western civilization, and there is a long literature on the subject, and it’s almost entirely true. Is it …

11 March

Sense Making

Under P-Law, proposing or advocating the use of the state (legislation) for irreciprocity, is a crime – a third-degree treason. Women are not rational, reciprocal, or loyal creatures. They are …

10 March

MB vs BIG5 … Again.

MB expanded to a similar number of questions as B5 would remain useful – for the workplace. B5 including empathy-systematizing would explain the difference in facets (subtraits) which vary by …

10 March

Max Tegmark Saves Me Work… ;)

I found a video by Max Tegmark (MIT) that explains the math behind the Grammars. Not that I’ll get anywhere by showing formulae. But his slides explain what I’m trying …

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