Answering Daniel Schachtenberger’s Twitter Positioning

—“Is it possible to have sustained global peace while maintaining a for-profit military industrial complex?”—Daniel @danielkenobe

Military expenditures are always a sunk cost. Private production of military is simply cheaper because private companies always make better use of capital due to natural human incentives.

—“Pleasure, happiness, meaning and intimacy are the signals of alignment in the physical, emotional, mental, and relational domains.”—Daniel @danielkenobe

It’s true. But that’s describing the absence of conflict and even the absence of costs of compromise. Human behavior is driven by fear of uncertainty, and discovery, capture, and preservation of opportunity. And we are always and everywhere in a field of reproductive and status competition. And evolution would end us if we stopped. (We have partly stopped natural selection already, and are paying the global, political, local, and personal costs of it.

—“Nature’s technology is emergent, self-organizing and self-evolving. The future of human technology and the built world will be as well.”—Daniel @danielkenobe

There is no demarcation between man, nature, climate, geology, solar system, and the universe. We are just a hyper-adaptive part of that universe. The only difference is that we are disproportionately expensive life forms, we have to disproportionately consume because of it, and we have to disproportionately produce heavily to preserve ourselves, and have enough memory that we can create consciousness, and use it to adapt faster than we can exhaust sufficient resources to result in self-extinction – until we don’t. We aren’t adapting. Why? Reproduction of the empirically unfit (unproductive (a sunk cost)).

—“Becoming is as deep to the nature of reality as Being is. They are inseparable.”—Daniel @danielkenobe

This claim is that mindfulness can be obtained by accommodating the universe as it is rather than seeking to deny, adapt to, transform, compete with, or conflict with it. In other words, it is a (somewhat correct) claim that happiness is best found in the personal and social construction of an environment of non-aggression and non-adaptation – just as Epicurus advised (not the stoics).  It is also appealing to those unable to adapt fearful of compromise, competition, and conflict when there are those of us (Masculine) who revel in compromise, competition, and conflict as much as those (Feminine) who revel in their absence.

—“Exponential technology offers us the power of gods. Without the wisdom of gods, we will self-destruct.”—Daniel @danielkenobe

The wisdom isn’t a problem. The wisdom is just unpleasant and almost universally lied about, denied, evaded, or avoided: The formal, physical, behavioral, cooperative, and evolutionary laws of the universe are not made for our enjoyment – they are a tragedy for man. Instead, our enjoyment of one another EMOTIONALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY by overcoming that tragedy MATERIALLY is our only solace. This was the much-abused insight that Jesus succeeded in articulating in somewhat primitive terms in response to facing the Romans, Persians, and the truth that Indo-Europeans alone discovered: that the universe is a tragedy for man, and only through exhaustion of love can those lacking agency (power) tolerate life in under the stresses of natural selection. The Semites for ancestral reasons and demographic and economic necessity, alone, chose to double down on the supernatural and stagnation. The Europeans chose to continue with the primacy of man. The Chinese authority and harmony and eventually stagnation. The Indians similarly could not overcome demographics and chose castes and stagnated. The Persians were destroyed by the Semites and finished off by the Mongols and Turks. And the middle east sunk into dysgenia and decline. And Africa was either destroyed by the Muslims as well, is in the process of it, or their first substantive imperial consolidation was truncated by European conquest.

—“Future economics must align the incentive of all agents with the well-being of other agents and of the commons.”—Daniel danielkenobe

There is only one problem facing man and again it is intolerable: the entirety of the distribution must lie within the range of available productivity. in other words, our only problem is increasing energy consumption per person while decreasing the size of the underclasses. If you want peace, prosperity, and transcendence of man, then that’s the only known choice because every other alternative ends up in a disequilibrium under which the many are slaves to the powerful few.

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