The Cause of Diversity Frictions


Woke is a desperate attempt to preserve the pseudoscientific anti-Darwinian movement. IQ, Sex, Class, Race differences are all true. BUT, due to delta in underclass size and resulting culture – and a problem of CLASS, kin-preference, culture, immigration, integration – not race.

Sex value of Race(neoteny) will exist. Kin bias will exist. Power-seeking by kin bias will exist. But differences in political demand by kin preference are due to differences in size of classes. ie; only groups w/ same class sizes, same culture, reduce kin friction.

This isn’t an ‘opinion’ or a ‘preference’ or an ‘ambition’. it’s a law of evolutionary biology, a law of nature, and it will never, ever change.

If we discuss race differences we are discussing conflicts due to kin preference under different genetic distributions.

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