The Hard Problem Was But Isn’t Any Longer. 😉


Sorry, but the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness is solved. It’s taken me a year and a half to figure out how to explain it but once you understand it, like many things, it’s not a hard problem at all – it’s rather simple and obvious. (Philosophers look like idiots in retrospect.)

Funny, but computational irreducibility (the inability to provide a mathematical description for some phenomena), isn’t any different from the impossibility of introspection.

However, once you know the function (operations) you can describe all of human experience.

We can’t talk about consciousness – aritifical or not – without agreement on terms:

Sensation(nerves/neurons), “Regulation(root)”, Modeling-Prediction, Intelligence(capacity), Awareness (Sentience), Qualia, Consciousness, Reason, Calculation, Computation.

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