‘Whiteness’ requires:

  1. Evidence of dominant ‘Steppe (Yamna) Ancestry
    (and NOT including (a) the South Eurasian spectrum: North African, Arab(peninsular), Levantine, Mesopotamian, post-conquest Levantine, Iranic-caucasian, Iranic, Indo Arabic, Indian, and Turkic(south Eurasian + Asian; (b) or the Asian; (c) Or the African, East African, Nilotic, Arab-African, Negrito, Austronesian et al.)
  2. Evidence of European Selection Pressure for neoteny, gracility, hair, eye, and skin color, executive function, non-clannishness, lower-aggression (really).
  3. West Indo-European Language: Italic, Germanic(incl. Scandinavian), Balto-Slavic, Finno Ugric.
  4. Evidence of European Cognition: realism, naturalism, rule of law, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth-before-face, trifunctionalism, and “commons-ism” over familism or tribalism.
  5. European Religion of Christianity, whether fundamentalist, traditionalist or secular) consisting and or some combination of pre-Christian (germanic, martial-legal), Christian(feminine-orthodox/catholic-authoritarian), Greco-roman(empirical, legal) traditions.

Period. That’s the minimum bar for being ‘white’ (an ethnic european). Europeans are a relatively new genetic group resulting from a set of admixtures, and a series of heavy selection pressures, that by the late middle ages has all but eradicated the genetic lower classes at least above the Hajnal Line thru to St Petersburg, causing downward pressure from the expanding genetic middle class. So that the discovery of north America could import Germanic peoples, who were at least in aggregate composition, genetically superior (more evolved) as well as culturally, institutionally, and intellectually.   The french revolution, the french destruction of the greater german (holy roman) empire, and the rule of law replacing it with catholic, feminine, french athoritarianism, caused the german unification and attempt at restoration. The French and foolishly the english constrained germany and prevented the restoration of the holy roman empire of teh greater european (germanic) peoples and the world was ended the german second industrial and technological revolution – which was then split between americans and russians.  The germans restored their society and economy but have so far failed to restore their political (now french) and military (now american or russian) control of european civilization.


  1. Absolute Nuclear Family or Nuclear Family (not traditional or … family) delayed marriage and reproduction, requiring marriage and economic independence before reproduction, and meritocratic inheritance. And suppression of the reproduction of the unfit under those conditions.
  2. Germanic, Germanicized Italic, Slavic, and Finnic Cultures
  3. Passing thru and retaining the Aristotelian restoration, the renaissance, the reformation, the empirical, agrarian, commercial, financial, industrial, darwinian, revolutions.

Racial differences are significant and meaningful. Racial differences in demographic composition are vast and very meaningful in class size, degree of neotenic evolution (domestication syndrome), rate of maturity and depth of aggression, executive function (agency), and potential for mindfulness,  having failed to reduce their underclasses such that they can compete in modern market economies. Sex differences are vast and meaningful. IQ differerences are meaningful up to a point – in that every person below 95 is a cost, but every person above 105 isn’t necessarily an advantage. The principle influence on life is conscientiousness leading to executive function, leading to mindfulness.


Other people can’t do it. Only the Koreans and the Japanese come close. And they can’t manage (pay the cost of) truth before face.

Whiteness = the continuation of natural selection in all walks of life by the use of adversarial (competitive) markets to serve others.
If you can’t or won’t, then you’re unfit.
It’s that simple.
And it’s that painful.

And it’s the reason ‘whiteness’ dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, the tyranny of despots, and the vicissitudes of a nature all but hostile to life.

The world is our debtor.
And they hate us for it.

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