Yes, they’re responsible

And yes, Jewish thought leadership is largely behind the postwar destruction of western civilization, and there is a long literature on the subject, and it’s almost entirely true. Is it a conspiracy? Like all political movements, it’s a conspiracy of common interest, perpetuating the Jewish group strategy, pursued with excellence and diligence by elites, which is what has caused their (entirely justified) persecution across time.

That (warfare) strategy is the use of undermining using social construction, of false promise, baiting into hazard, under plausible deniability, escaping warranty and liability. It is the only group that has institutionalized the female group evolutionary strategy. Given that it’s the female strategy – and entirely biological – then the question is whether Jewish group strategy is by design, by cultural evolution, or by genetic adaptation, or all of the above. And it is likely all of the above.

We are unaware of the uniqueness of western civilization. So we don’t defend it. My work explains the success of the west compared to all the rest, and why we are vulnerable to the Jewish method of warfare by the female strategy of undermining, by the social construction of false promise of freedom from the logical, physical, behavioral, cooperative, and evolutionary laws of the universe. And I and others have documented the evolution of this war against western civilization from within.

The difference is we know how to stop it now by law rather than continuing the long tradition of exterminating them for their crimes.

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