19 April

Definition: Fictionalism (Full)

Fictionalism is the name of the judgment within philosophy, as to which statements that appear to be descriptions of the world should not be construed as such, but should instead …

18 April

The Fate of Civilizations (really)

Coercion (Organization): There are only three means of human coercion: 1. Political: Force/Defense, 2. Remunerative: Bribe-Trade/Boycott-Deprivation, 3. Social: Insurance(Inclusion)/Ostracization(Canceling) Institutions(Scale): All civilizations develop those institutions in one order or another: …

16 April

Western Civiliation in a Nutshell.

THE TERNARY LOGIC OF EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION: European civilization is the most equal under the law, even if unequal in economic results of the law, despite greater prosperity under the law. …

15 April

The Whiteness Checklist

THE WHITENESS CHECKLIST ‘Whiteness’ requires: Evidence of dominant ‘Steppe (Yamna) Ancestry’ (and NOT including a) south eurasian spectrum: north african, arab(peninsular), levantine, Mesopotamian, post-conquest levantine, iranic-caucasian, iranic, indo iranic, indian, and …

12 April

Philosophy vs Law

? @Oners82  —“The problem with philosophical tradition is that it’s predicated on textual and scriptural interpretation. But words don’t mean things, people mean things and they satisfy the demand for unambiguity, …

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