Our Law: Western Civilization in a Nutshell.

The Ternary Logic of European Civilization:

European civilization is the most equal under the law, even if unequal in economic results of the law, despite greater prosperity under the law. Because it is the most continuously evolutionary adaptive and most innovative – because of our ancestral law.

The Group Evolutionary Strategy of The European People

The Founding Principle of The United States Constitution, the British Constitution, Germanic, Roman, and Greek Law, and the Western Indo European People Is Simple:

“Man’s Self-Determination by Self-Determined Means by A Universal Militia, Granting One Another Sovereignty and Reciprocity in Display, Word, and Deed, Regardless of Cost, in Exchange for Reciprocal Insurance of That Sovereignty and Reciprocity, in Display, Word, and Deed Regardless Cost, Thereby Limiting All to Productive and Voluntary Cooperation in Markets in Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Polities, and War; diverting the proceeds to the production of commons, creating the most rapid adaptation, innovation, and evolution possible by man, at the cost of constraining the reproduction of the unproductive, thereby Producing a Distributed Dictatorship of Individually Sovereign People and the Power to Deny Power To Any and All.”

And with this simple rule of sovereignty and reciprocity in display word and deed we have dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, the chaos of nature, in a brief period of geologic peace, brief period of solar peace, and brief period of galactic peace. In just a few centuries in the bronze, ancient iron world, and a few in the modern steel world.

— The Group Evolutionary Strategy of European Civilization.”


1… Our steppe ancestors combined bronze, horse, wheel, cart, and rapid maneuver, to work together to carry resources to grazing grounds with increasing numbers of livestock.
2… Military activity was common, focusing on cattle horse and sheep raiding – cattle in particular – instead of agrarian warfare over territory.
3… Lacking the taxation of a central state, this military activity (bronze, horse, wheel, cart/chariot) depended on costly equipment that often took leading families to fund.
4… As such all military activity was entrepreneurial: sovereignty, contract, property, meritocracy, and empirical necessity of warfare.
5… A study of the law and ethics of Greeks, Romans, Germanics, Vikings, the English – and with a lot of surviving documentation: pirates, illustrates that sovereignty, democracy, rule of law, contract, meritocracy, is the only possible means of organizing a professional warrior caste of near peers.


While it may not be readily obvious, all civilizations begin with a founding institution. There are really only three available.

1. Religion (primitive, seduction),
2. State (agrarian, force),
3. and Law(entrepreneurial, trade).

Europe’s first institution was Entrepreneurial Law. The law of Meritocracy, Property, and Tort.  This law requires empiricism, meritocracy, sovereignty, reciprocity and duty. From that law evolved Greek and Roman reason science, roman administration, Germanic common law, the Prussian restoration, the ultimate government of pre-war England, and the first attempt at a scientific constitution of natural law in the united states.

The European Group Evolutionary Strategy consists of:

… Maximizing speed, maneuver, innovation, adaptation,
… By the continuous evolution (farming) and maximization of human agency, and responsibility
… Through reciprocal insurance of self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity regardless of cost, oath regardless of cost and truth-before-face regardless of cost,
… Thereby limiting man to meritocracy, absent authority,
… Leaving only adversarialism as a means of decidability, by means of voting for production of commons, rule of law for dispute resolution, and markets for the production of goods, services, and information,

… At the Cost Of

… The necessity of (demands of) governing those with less agency,
… And continuing natural selection by limiting the reproduction of those who lack agency and productivity,

… As A Consequence:

… Producing the civilization with the greatest discovery of, maximization of, adaptation to, and application of the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe,
… Thereby producing the minimum variation from those laws, and the greatest rate of evolution humanly possible, in the brief window of ecological, climatological, geological, solar, galactic, window of opportunity,
… Transforming the rare occurrence of advanced life in the form of mankind from domesticated animals into the gods we imagined.

The European group strategy is only possible for:

… A militia (Army) of every able-bodied individual having demonstrated agency in self, reciprocity, and insurance of others’ self-determination by self-determined means, by exchange of sovereignty and reciprocity,
… Who together seek to expand their numbers through the production of agency in generations to come;
… Wherein all members who do their duty regardless of rank receive respect and those who do not receive the opposite.

… As A Consequence:

… Creating a market for status that limits consumption and maximizes the production of commons.
… Where commons limit the need for income by the many;
… A market for a natural leadership in the market for capitalizing commons …
… A market for consumption of goods, services, and information;
… A market for marriage and families that in turn produce subsequent generations that continue our rapid evolution.

… At The Cost Of:

… And a market for limiting the harms of those unfit for those markets, whether by accident of birth, circumstance, or choice.

0. The Ternary Logic of Decidability

Preservation of self determination / sovereignty

Prohibition on authority and demand for consensus

Resulting demand for a means of decidabilty

Resulting decidability of ternary logic of decidability:
… 1. Universal (rights, obligations, inalienations – equals )
… 2. Common (dicovered violations of those rights – the via negativa – equals )
… 3. Concurrent (discovered conensus on legislation – the positiva – unequals )

Resulting in maximization of human innovation adaptation and evolution in all aspects of life: Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Polities, and War, and the resulting prosperity possible for man.

This is the Natural Law – The Science of Cooperation – A scientific system of cooperation we call government by the natural law.

0. The Ternary Logic of Sovereingty(Legitimacy)

Decidability: by Science. Sovereignty of Natural Law, Constitution of Natural Law, Natural RIghts of Natural Law. (everything else is just discretion)


Compare with:









(natural therefore…)

Sovereignty: (final decidability)

Positive (you must) vs negative (you must not) law vs Positive+Negative Natural rights and obligations.

Authoritarian Positive/Negative vs  Continental Positive/Negative Law vs Negative Common + Positive concurrent Law.

1. The Ternary Logic of Rights

The Logic is  Obligations <> Rights <> Inalienations (insurance, warranty of insurance, and liability for insurance and warranty))


Under the reciprocal exchange, insurance, guarantee, and liability for that guarantee, of self-determination by self-determined means, requiring sovereignty in demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in display, word, and deed, we are limited to voluntary reciprocal exchanges of demonstrated interests free of imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others. Limiting us to markets in association, cooperation, reproduction, production – of goods services and information, and production of commons by governments (goods services and information).

Therefore any right must:

… (a) Derive from sovereignty in demonstrated interest, insurance of that demonstrated interests, liability for that insurance, and that we limit ourselves to Reciprocity in Display Word And Deed, in all matters private(interpersonal), corporate (organizational), and common (political)
… (b) Include the terms of the Right(to reciprocity), The Obligation(responsibility), and Inalienation (insurance and defense).
… (c) Include punishment for failures of responsibility, insurance, and defense.
(The P-Constitution Reforms This Requirement.)

Disambiguating Rights and Privileges

Natural and Enumerated <> Privileges, Legislation, Regulation <> Commands

1. Natural Necessary Rights obligations and inalienations

2. (Derived) Enumerated Rights, obligations and inalienations

3. Privileges, obligations, and inalienations

4. Legislation

5. Regulation

6. Commands

2. The Ternary Logic of The Jury

SEE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/uqH_Y1TupoQ

The logic of the Jury is Guilty <> Not Guilty <> Nullified (+/-):

1. Guilty, Found for the Plaintiff, Found for the State,
2. Not Guilty, Found for the Defendant
3. Nullified: Nullified-not_guilty: (bad law) or Nullified-guilty(insufficient law, bad law or court process).

3. The Ternary Logic of Government (production of Commons)

The logic is: The House of the Common People (heads of families) <> The House of the Nobility (Industry(today) or Territory(agrarian)) <> The House of the Monarchy (State, Military)

This arrangement produces a market between classes with different levels and scopes of responsibility over different spans of time, with the judiciary and the law constraining the government, and the monarchy outside the law in its right and responsibility to restore the law, as our judge of last resort.  A monarch under rule of law has no power but to RESTORE our law – a judge of last resort.

4. The Ternary Logic of Of European Democratic Legislation

(The a-(people)  <> b-(state) <> c-(court) trifunctionality of competition.  ??? )

The Logic is People <> Legislature(state) <> Judiciary

Legislatures are (should be) elected from those capable of legislating (producing contracts between classes). These laws must limit themselves to a range of criteria within the natural law:
… 1. Nomocratic: All Acts shall descend from, the demand for, the premise of, the logical necessity of, the Natural law of Self Determination by Sovereignty and Reciprocity.
… 2. Algorithmic: All Acts shall be strictly constructed from a logical, sequential, test of reciprocity.

… 3. Isonomic: All Acts shall be general rules, universally applicable to all or all within a Class, and specific Rules not applicable to all within a Class are prohibited.( Counsel: there is a long history of prohibiting legislation in the service of, or in the constraint of, individuals, special interests, and interest groups.)
… 4. Internally consistent: stare decisis
… 5. Contingent: (upon)
… 6. Complete: (as evidenced by)
… 7. Limited: And that all Acts must state the purpose, scope, and limits of the demands they impose such that the act cannot be expanded through political, prosecutorial, judicial or other activism. And that such expansions shall be attributable to the jurist that issues them.

… 8. Understandable
… 9. Adherable
… 10. Enforceable
… 11. Durable (except in court)
… 12. Perishable ( sunset)
… 13. Warrantied and Warrantable
… 14. Reversible and Restitutable
… 15. Non-Retroactive.


For the Judiciary, for the legislature, for the monarchy, the Natural Law of Self Determination, Tort in Property, and Demonstrated Interest (reciprocal exchange of self determinization by sovereignty and reciprocity) is universal and exceptionless so needs no legislation. So while legislation, regulation and with some exceptions, command, require non-retroactivity – tort does not. As such we are always responsible for due diligence against the imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others whether private, corporate, or public regardless of legislation, regulation, or command.

5) The Ternary Logic of The Judiciary

Pro <> Con <> Undecidable (Return to the Legislature

The judiciary then decides by the law – so that if the law is bad, and produces bad consequences, then the people and the legislature must reform the law – the judge cannot and will not. This was one of Scalia’s two attempts to restore the law.

The Logic is Legislature <> Judiciary <> Law

…(a) First, that judicial interpretation is empirical, and textual such that if times have changed the legislation must then change.
…(b) Second, that the judicial responsibility is to force the legislature and the people into accountability for their political and legislative directions.
…(c) Third: THE HOLE: The hole in our system of government is that the supreme court (and a monarchy) do not need to assent/dissent (veto) legislation, nor can they return legislation to the legislature for reformation. They are stuck with canceling all or a portion of it. When they should cancel a portion, and return the legislation to the legislature. The court must decide, it must not usurp the legislature.

0. The Ternary Logic of Scale:   

People: Ethnicity and Nation,

Assets: Polity and Country, and

Government: State, Federation, and Empire

6. The Ternary Logic of Trifunctionalism (European Civilization).

The logic is “Magicians”:  Warriors <> Judges <> Priests

Using a competition between elites, under the neutrality of our law, Our Secret is one of Continous Adaptation. The law is only a via positiva – a means for resolving differences – it is the work of the middle classes. The Military and State do what is necessary for the state. The Church defends the interests of Family, Peasantry, women, children. This EQUILIBRIUM prevents the state or the church (or economic interests) from obtaining a monopoly (authority) as we have seen in other parts of the world, thereby creating a market for compromise and exchange between elites and institutions on behalf of people.

The Natural Law of Evolution by Conscious Creatures: Self Determination by self-determined means, by sovereignty in demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in display, word, and deed.
The Markets for Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Goods, Services, Information, and Commons
The Constitution of Natural Law
The State: Inventory and Assets of the People
The Monarchy: The Judge of Last Resort
The Military: The Defender of Last Resort
The Interior: The Insurer of Last Resort
The Treasury: The Bank Of Last Resort
The Houses of Government: The Market for Production of commons
The Cabinet and Bureaucracy: The administration of Commons.
The Judiciary: The Market for The Resolution of Disputes
The Common Law: Legislation and Findings of the Court
The Citizens (The Militia)
The Residents
The Dependents
The Unfit (criminal, etc)

7. Why? the Laws of The Universe, and The Tragedy of Continuous Adaptation to Them

Sovereignty prohibits authority. And the rest of the world chose authority and harmony and adaptive and evolutionary difficulty instead of law, markets, and adversarial excellence (meritocracy) in the service of the commons, producing the continuous rapid adaptation, at the cost of the unfit and the stress of constant adaptation – sated by

1. the tragedy of Achilles for warriors (men)
2. and the tragedy of Jesus (for women),

with the only cure reciprocal insurance (greek) and reciprocal love (Christianity).

So both of our ancient religions do not tell us what we must do – they tell us how to tolerate what we do and must do: Endure the tragedy of the laws of nature and the universe, that are all but hostile to man, with the heroic love of one another – at least -all of whom do their duty.  And that duty is the secret of our loyalty: for status is earned by that duty, regardless of rank or wealth – because in an army every single person depends on every other. Even if that army is only fighting to win the battle of evolution against an all but hostile man, nature, and universe.

8. Producing the Virtuous Cycle of Truth, Trust, Cooperative, Innovative and Adaptive Velocity

But perhaps most importantly is that under rule of law, in public, in confession, in the jury, in court testimony, in military reporting,  under heroism in duty, in defense of private, semi-private, and common,  we demand and practice commons before self and family, reciprocity before gain, truth before face regardless of cost to self-image, status, the competence and dominance hierarchy. This is the origin of the unique high trust of the European peoples that no others can equal.

9. The Science: OODA Loop: Faster Adaptation than The Enemy: “innovation, Initiative, Maneuver”

OODA LOOP: Decision-making occurs in a recurring cycle of observe–orient–decide–act. An entity (whether an individual or an organization) that can process this cycle quickly, observing and reacting to unfolding events more rapidly than an opponent, can thereby “get inside” the opponent’s decision cycle and gain the advantage. The OODA loop has become an important concept in litigation, business, law enforcement, and military strategy.

EXPLANATION: Our ancestors competed with cattle, horse, wheel, metal, and maneuver – “the civilizations set of OODA-Loops”. Our first and most durable myth is unlike all others. It is the myth of the blacksmith and the demon. It is not a myth of the subservience of man to gods. it’s a myth where we defeat a demon and defeat it with technology and cunning. The subsequent myth is Promethean – stealing fire.  It’s the mythos of men freed from the limits of nature. A mythos of the primacy of man. That primacy of man converts us from dependence on nature, to harmony with nature, and to rule of nature. Rule of nature. Of ourselves, and yes – of others if need be. Our ancestors did not seek to please the gods. To bargain with the gods. But to bribe, trick, outwit, or become gods. Through techne and maneuver.  They chose victory over nature, beast, and man, over harmony. They chose market meritocracy instead of pandering to the peasantry. And but for a few accidents would have dragged the world into the industrial revolution 1800 years earlier. And saved the world from the Islamic destruction of the ancient world, the Christian disabling of European civilization, and ended the debate over which civilization was in fact ‘better’.  Because all competitive evolution is reducible to the increase in the rate of adaptation, and European civilization achieved its maximum in every aspect of the civilization. Because Self Determination forces Sovereignty. Sovereignty forces Reciprocity. Reciprocity forces Law. Law forces markets. And markets force calculation, and calculation forces innovation.

OUCH: You can reduce the difference in group evolutionary strategies between civilizations to their use of the underclasses: exploitation(middle east), limiting their damage(India), reducing their number(China), or sifting them via merit, limiting the reproduction of the rest (Europe).  So, yes. Ouch: That one hurt a bit. Because it’s so simple. Peasant “Domesticated Human Animal” treatment drives demand for institutions. You would naturally get bias to Law (Europe), state (china), culture(india), religion (middle east) by that choice alone. This means civilizational differences are in how humans were demarcated from other domesticated animals. And it appears only the Chinese (bureaucracy) and the Europeans (market) achieved it. The Indians used a caste system because of the sheer number of the underclass – which is why the Indian upper class has such startling iq numbers.  And the middle east – particular Islam – went the opposite direction, of lionizing and creating a religious monopoly for the underclasses – that they can’t escape.

So the west, reliant on tech, professional warriors, capable of taking initiative, and manuever, and willing to hold the formation, line, and attack, created aristocratic egalitarianism (a world of markets) because it was necessary to create numbers of those capable of maintaining the same strategy.

SUCCESS: We have known for centuries that (a) technology (b) a professional warrior caste (c) pushing initiative down as far as possible, (e) Maneuver (offense) (d) holding formation(defense) has made a small population on the edge of the bronze age the most successful warriors in history despite their relative numbers, and relative wealth: Initiative. Heroism. Meritocracy. The direction of dominance expression to the production of commons. Not self, not family, not claim, but commons.

WEAKNESS: There are only three means of human coercion: force, trade, and ostracization. There are only three foundational institutions: The state and command, law and commerce, religion, and ostracization. Every civilization becomes anchored in its first institution. China in the state, India in culture (a Tradition we call it an unorganized religion),  the middle east in organized religion, and the west in Law. Then weaker in the second institution and weakest in the third. This is an unavoidable law of organizations. A rule of law society like the west, will always lead to oligarchy, greater wealth, which will lead to a middle class, growth, and prosperity with less ability to concentrate decision-making and capital in the central government (except under war) – because it is organized by incentive, it will also lead to commercial over-extension, and corruption by

FAILING: Markets train us to let them do their work – it creates overconfidence. And markets are tolerant of competition. So we have only one weakness: Tolerance. And in particular tolerance for effeminate warfare: And the enemy has mastered the feminine method of warfare: Undermining from within with false promise, gossip, ridicule, shaming, psychologizing, moralizing and lies. So we have spent 50K years domesticating male warfare. We made fathers and husbands responsible for regulating the female methods of warfare. And we gave women the franchise and the enemy free speech, without regulating the female method of warfare: Undermining. We can end female warfare and restore truth and merit and prosperity by doing so.


Evolution provided women with verbal and social means of warfare just like it provided men with physical and political means of warfare. And in all statistics both criminal and mental illness, and in all forms of political speech, and even in all forms of argument and discourse, men bias to truth and falsehood under physical threat of harm or death, and women bias to approval and disapproval under threat of alienation or undermining and ostracization.

Men are Physical and Military super predators but Women are Social and Political super predators. This is the reason for women’s disenfranchisement from political participation in history, and the reason for women’s historical reputation as the root of all evil “discord”.

Europeans innovated as male super-predators, and Jews innovated as female super-predators, with the only difference being that Europeans dominated the production of bene?cial rewards for mankind, and Jews and Arabs dominated the production of harms to mankind.

We have spent 50K years limiting men’s super-predation. We have let women into the franchise without limiting their means of super-predation. And we have let women into the franchise though they had common interests not interests opposed to men, and therefore needing a house of women and their biases, as we needed a house of commons (citizenry) and a senate (business and industry).

Likewise, we let Jews and Muslims into the franchise without using our law to regulate their method of warfare from within. And giving a ‘pass’ to Muslim warfare without under the pretense that it is a peaceful beneficial religion rather than a cognitive cancer that has destroyed every great civilization it has succeeded in infecting and reducing them to ignorance, superstition, decline, dysgenic, and evolutionary stagnation or reversal.

The Female Cognitive Drive:

1. Evasion of Self Regulation as Evasion of Adaptation (by Dominance Expression and accountability)
2. Evasion of Regulation of Children
2. Ease of Social Integration (by Imitation, Submission, Adaptation, and Submission Expression instead of demand for accountability)
99 Evasion of cellular damage: Female Evnronmental Cleanliness vs Male Functionality and Tool Cleanliness
99 Present-Ness: Female concern with the emotion of the moment, Male concern with leaving a legacy  (biography, achievements, etc)

Verbal ability except for verbal analogies.
Comprehension and writing ability
fine-motor coordination and perceptual speed.
retrieving information from long-term memory.

faces and begin talking earlier. vs perceptual discrepancies in their visual environment. women remain more oriented to faces, men to things.

Men, on average, can more easily juggle items in working memory. They have superior visuospatial skills: They’re better at visualizing what happens when a complicated two- or three-dimensional shape is rotated in space, at correctly determining angles from the horizontal, at tracking moving objects and at aiming projectiles.

Navigation studies in both humans and rats show that females of both species tend to rely on landmarks, while males more typically rely on “dead reckoning”: calculating one’s position by estimating the direction and distance traveled rather than using landmarks.

These cognitive differences are produced by varying the organization of the brain to favor temporal awareness or intertemporal prediction.

The Female Strategy: 

1. Rejection, Disapproval,

2. Reputation Destruction

3. Social Construction of Falsehood

4. Pitting dominant forces against one another.

5. Using Delay and Deceive to incrementally undermine: Incremental Undermining by Delay and Deceive: Where the Chinese rely on ‘their cultural institution of the ancient method of “Accumulate Forces by Delay and Deceive from Without” the Jewish Left equally relies on their cultural and religious institution of the ancient female method of “Undermine Forces by Delay and Deceive From Within.”

6. Destruction of the institutions of cultural production, cooperation, harmony, Trust, and Truthy by blaming the middle and upper classes for laws of nature.

7. Generating Demand for Authoritarianism (the enemy)

8. Seizing Authoritarian Rule With which they attempt to fulfill their false and impossible promises  – as they prosecute the people untiil the people overthrow them and try to recover from the damage. Because nature always wins.

The Tactics

1. Denial, Evasion, Disapproval, Rejection, Ad Hominem, and Projection – over Truth

Female cognitive bias:
… desirability over truth
… popular desirability over truth
… consensus over truth
… equality over proportionality
… equality over distribution
… quantity over quality

“It can’t be true because it’s unpleasant.”
“Calculus is hard so it can’t be true”
“I can’t understand it, so it’s nonsensical”

2. Faith Healing, delaying into hazard. Faith Healing consists of providing temporary psychological relief while allowing the cause to persist, grow, evolve

3. False Story Telling (and Pilpul), by Overloading (distracting), baiting you into empathy, loading, framing, obscurantism, suggestion, suspension of disbelief and overloading

4. False Promise (Seduction), baiting into hazard. Baiting into hazard consists of making false promises of freedom from the laws of the universe. arguing them with sophistry to idealism, magic to pseudoscience, or occult to theology.

The Basis of the Lies:
There are four sciences: Linguistic, formal or logical, the physical or material, the natural or behavioral, and the evolutionary or survival. The left has produced a set of lies that undermine ‘sensemaking’ by underminine each of these laws.

1. False Promise of Freedom from Formal Laws (logic) by the use of social construction of repetitive feedback of information counter to formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

2. False Promise of Freedom from Physical Laws (scarcity, false promise of endless growth). by the false promise of endless growth, an end to scarcity, and an end to human competition by demonstrated acquisition.

3. False Promise of Freedom Natural Laws

        • The nature of man: (of self-interest, rational choice, amorality, reciprocity, competitive organization), by the false promise of an end to kin selection, koinophillia, ethnocentrism,
        • The malleability of man: (… )

4. False Promise of Freedom from Evolutionary Laws ( ending natural, and market selection, accumulating mutation and regulation, the impossibility of isolation, inescapable regression, accumulated genetic load, dysgenia, and the red queen of resources, competitors, biological, climatological, geological, solar, and galactic risks. ). … The difference between men:  sex, class, subrace, and racial differences and especially substantial evolutionary differences between the races and subraces. The class, subrace, and subrace differences in sexual, social economic and political value to one another.

Complete Version

“Using False Promise, Baiting Into Hazard, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by Critique, Escaping Liability and Warranty, by Pretense of Plausible Deniability, Despite Deliberate Avoidance of Due Diligence, And Deliberate Evasion of Warranty, Deliberate Escape From Liability, Given the Asymmetry of Knowledge, the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s) – And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (profit), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation, of a Population in Normal Distribution, Thereby Generating accelerating Cycles of Internal Conflict, Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.”

“Ridicule, Shaming, Moralizing, Psychologizing, Gossiping, Rallying,

Sophism, Pilpul, Critique, Pseudoscience, Supematuralism, Relativism, Straw-Manning, Misrepresentation, Cherry-Picking, Double-Standards, Half-Truth, False Equivalency,

Moral Pretense, False And Impossible Promise, Escape From Warranty, Baiting Into Hazard, Pro?ting From Resulting Hardship,

Nepotism, Privatization Of The Commons, Socialization Of Losses, Conspiracy, Organized-Crime, Rent-Seeking, Procedural-Abuse, False Accusation, Institutional Overloading,

Intellectual Dishonesty, Coercion, Endemic Lying, Shouting Down, Propagandizing, Poisoning The Discourse, Polluting The Informational Commons, Traitorousness, And Personal, Social, Political, Cultural, Religious, Aesthetic, Legal, Constitutional, And Institutional Undermining,

Thanklessness, Evading Introspection, Blame-Shifting, Avoidance Of Responsibility, And Cowering Under Plausible Deniability In Order To Avoid Any Semblance Of Truth, Reciprocity, Productivity, Duty, And Contribution To The Commons.”

5. False Criticism, undermining into hazard (Critique and Heaping Undue Praise).

( … )

6. Evasion of Providing An Equally Criticizable Alternative, Solution, or Answer (reactive, not proactive)

( … )

How The Strategy and Tactics Were Applied to the West

1) Having failed to use marxism and Leninism to turn the laboring classes against the middle classes — a class that with their rule of law of commerce (property) would suppress 2000 years of ‘huckstering’ (preying on the underclasses), they sought a new form of huckstering at industrial scale: marxism and Leninism.

2) But capitalism had proven them wrong and provided benefit to the lower middle, working and laboring classes. s0 they had to move somewhere that capitalism couldn’t solve. The movement of the frankfurt school to the USA in the postwar era was done with intent. They moved to America to weaponize the African population as they had tried to weaponize the laboring populations. They knew full well that the problem is genetic, and that capitalism couldn’t solve it. We know because they wrote it down, publicized it, and then did it. They stated that they would use the black population, western female sensitivity, democracy, to “…destroy the institutions of cultural production…” that if it continued to evolve, would prevent their continued parasitic existence by huckstering.

3) For this ‘huckstering’ (lie) to succeed they had to demonize the eugenics movement. That required creating the sequence of anthropological, psychological, social, political, and economic pseudosciences. And they used nepotism and the university system, and the new need for education, given the post-war opportunity for upward class expansion due to the collapse of the world means of production during the wars and devoted every ounce of effort to promote this set of lies.

4) And that’s where we are today. Although I might mention that this is a repetition of how the Christians destroyed the ”institutions of cultural production” in the Roman world.

11. THE FUTURE: In a post-agrarian world, all nations are compatible, and all empires, and all civilizations, are incompatible. An explicitly nationalist China, Russia, Hungary, India are naturally resistant to two hostile movements: the spread of Islam that has destroyed every great civilization of the ancient world, and the spread of the spectrum of Jewish Cosmopolitanism that has destroyed much of the modern world, and now spreads more softly using Jewish-European liberalism and neo-conservatism, under managed decline. That is what the world is reacting to in the postwar era. Only Islam and Judaism are globalists. Everyone else is nationalist. I expect this framing to emerge over the next 20 years. It is the natural result of optimum adaptability in the technological age. It is the only means of maintaining peace and prosperity in this age.

This page constitutes the foundations of the formal logic of western civilization – that which we do without a bible, a Torah, a koran, or a dictator.

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