Israel vs Palestine? Easy choice.

What’s not complex is (a) yes they are conquering an ancestral homeland that the European’s ancestors displaced them from for their resistance movement against Roman law. that was the real reason. Roman law. (b) The Israelites are a superior people, with an advanced civilization, displacing an inferior people. (c) Islam has been at war with the rest of the world for 1400 years and has destroyed every great civilization of the ancient world it could reach. (d) We could not let communism spread to the middle east and into the oil regions during the cold war and so Israel functioned as our primary military base in the region – it would have undermined our ability to ‘bribe’ the rest of the world by access to our markets. (e) we are still stuck with a vast number of primitive backward people who are a threat to mankind. So no, it’s not a problem of equals. It’s a problem of paying various costs like Israeli expansion and warfare while we wait to see if the Muslims can reform or if we will have to join China and Now India to contain Islam as we contained communism, should have contained Christianity, judaism, and islam in the past. (f) the author is relying on Jewish relativism which is the source of the problem in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – no man doesn’t have intrinsic value. We are either helping one another evolve, or causing one another to devolve, and the Abrahamic faiths, their method of moral sophistry, supernaturalism, and pseudoscience, culminating in the Muslim world has been a cancer for mankind for 1400 years. So no. It’s not complex. It’s just an unpopular purely empirical truth.

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