the central problem of the age is our failure to civilize female antisocial behavior

Tim Beckley@Zrflk

@curtd I think you’ve nailed it again with your recent framing of the central problem of the age as our failure to civilize female antisocial behavior as we have male antisocial behavior. It draws attention to the huge payments that men have already made to the project of civilization and implicitly demands reciprocity.

But it’s also really evocative and compelling. Almost anyone who’s seen both men and women behaving badly in a personal context can draw on those experiences to make subtle distinctions between the patterns of behavior observed, to consider the cognitive biases that might influence those patterns, and to imagine how those distinct patterns might manifest themselves in the larger social context.

To riff off this framing, I’d suggest that there’s a flip side to the problem you address. Just as we’ve failed to give a full accounting of the negative tendencies and effects of female cognitive bias and to adapt our institutions accordingly, we’ve not given a full accounting of its positive tendencies and contributions, both to general social and personal well-being and functioning, and to Western European uniqueness. Predictably, we came to explain ourselves in scientific terms first, and we’re only turning now to our women as the focus of inquiry. In this sense our women intuit correctly- “the future is female.” THEY are the problem of the age.

You’ve named sovereignty, natural law, markets, and truth telling as the fundamental components of the Western group evolutionary strategy, but how have our women adapted to the rapidly changing conditions created by this strategy, and how has it in turn accommodated them? One answer is obvious. The achievement gulf between the West and the rest in the domain of the Arts is as enormous as it is in the Sciences. Beauty is as instrumental to our success as Truth. We fail today largely because we’ve not recognized their interdependence in the biocultural ecosystems we’ve constructed.

We prohibit lying because we know that we rely on truth for our success. The ugliness of the Jewish substitute for art that we’ve imported is every bit as criminal because it subverts the mental states that foster resilience in our women. So what else is required for them to “woman up, shut up, and show up,” and what are the other criminal behaviors that diminish their ability to do so? As inconvenient as it may be, we don’t move forward as a people without our women.

And we demonstrate that we pay attention and truly know them if in the process of formalizing our demands of them we anticipate and formalize the unmet demands that they’ll surely have of us. Our competition lies to, hates, and exploits them, and they know it. Fifteen years of fieldwork confirms in my mind that this won’t be a hard sell. They are desperate to be liberated from another dreary, stupefying Abrahamic religion, and for our part, there can be no greater reward than our women themselves, liberated from the hands of our enemies.

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