Were the Founders Hypocrits? No.

1) They weren’t hypocrites. In order to win the war against England they had to tolerate the demands of the south, and the south couldn’t economically afford to abandon slavery. The solution was to return them to Africa, and some were, but without Fiat Currency couldn’t do it.

2) So instead of the high cost of paying for the repatriation of the slaves, and borrowing to compensate the southern farms to convert to employment labor,we had a far more costly civil war of anti-secession when the north realized that the south would rule the western expansion.

3) Humans mask their economic incentives with moral claims, but as in all things ‘follow the money’. If we asked all the farmers today to go without immigrant labor, universities without foreigners, and services without minorities, prices would skyrocket, and bankruptcies ensue.

4) The great crime was the false promise of the possibility of integration of vastly different people, when Europe had already discovered the impossibility of integrating even (neolithic farmer) mediterranean and germanic (horse) peoples, and Ireland was a third world country.

5) And so blacks are screwed because they cannot form a polity producing norms, traditions, values, commons, and political systems given the distribution of their abilities (vastly larger lower class, deeper sexual maturity), and whites can’t tolerate the costs to THEIR commons.

6)The solution we find everywhere is we separate into neighborhoods, and watch every city turn into Johannesberg (Detroit, Baltimore) as the absolutely inevitable deterministic effects of natural differences take their course: productive whites, asians and jews flee civic plague.

7) the cosmopolitan project of marxism, postmodernism, feminism, political correctness designed repeat the attempt by judaism, christianity, and islam to deprive nations of self determination, sovereignty, and meritocracy, and reduce them to dark ages yet again is over.

8) We can only cooperate by trade, but we cannot cohabitate or share suffrage, since our group strategies due to genetic differences and genetic distributions. Only europeans can produce high trust commons with high investment parenting expressly for producing commons. Period.

9) No other people can come close to achieving it, except the Koreans and Japanese, and even then, they can’t produce commons only refrain from consuming them.

10) African Slavery, industrialized by islam, was a purely economic decision for purely rational reasons : resistance to malaria. Even so, at present rates, African Americans will have killed more of one another over a century than slaves were brought to America. (Yes, really).

11) African Americans have only one oppressor: the mirror. The only solution is (a) Separation so that their elites cannot defect, leaving 2/3 of their population incapable of social, economic, and politcal organization and (b) six generations of one child at for unemployables.

12) Why this is so obvious to my African audience (“There is nothing wrong with Africans that shrinking the bottom won’t fix”) and so intolerable to Americans? Because Americans like puritans, are shallow virtue-signaling moralizers masters of deceit without lying in the world.

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