Against Defense of Wokeism

1) FALSE: Unfortunately you’re either wrong, or making excuses for the harm it’s doing – and frustratingly – because you are using your own justificationary reasoning without doing the necessary research. So while you criticized others correctly for misunderstanding Kant, you’re making the same mistake. Is that you’re assuming your skill in one area is generally applicable in the field. This failing is most obvious in economics where we accept we are incompetent outside our narrow range of interests. FWIW: The authoritative work on the Marxist -> neo-Marxist -> postmodern -> pc/woke sequence is by Stephen Hicks.

2) LYING: I’m an anti-philosophy philosopher so to speak and that’s because today we work in math, logic, computation, simulation, economics, and law – amorally. My specialty is the explanation of the evolution of calculation and coercian – specifically that of lying – and particularly the methods of lying that were industrialized in the production of religion, philosophy, and ideology, in competition with their opposite: the production of mathematics, science, economics, and law. Because the harm done by religion (Emotion and supernaturalism) philosophy(reason and sophistry) and ideology(Moralizing and pseudoscience) is a competitor to math, science, economics, and law: Evidence that has made our comforts possible. So my work consists of repairing holes in the constitution and the law that allowed for the industrialization of lying. And as such I’m rather painfully aware of the method of lying used by the ‘left’.

4) BEHAVIOR: There are only five causal axes of human behavior – a) the female empathizing interpersonal vs male systematizing and political spectrum, and b) the feminine dysgenic herd vs the masculine eugenic tribe (pack) and c) the distribution of these cognitive intuitionistic and moral biases is relatively evenly distributed with relatively stereotypical biases between the genders, and the d) success or failure cognitive development we call IQ, Conscientiousness, and Executive function, and e) the degree of evolutionary suppression of maturation we call domestication syndrome or neoteny. Lastly, our personality traits and moral instincts cluster in the feminine (hyper-consuming), the average(sustaining), the libertarian (producing), and the conservative (capitalizing).

5) INSTITUTIONS: There are only three methods of coercion available to man, and as such there are only three formal institutions of coercion possible: male force and defense (resulting in the state), ascendent male production and trade (resulting in Law,) and female seduction, inclusion, or undermining, and exclusion (resulting in religion) – hence female dominance in religious participation. Hence using women as the vector for xianity in the old world, and pc/woke in the new. The data is the data, the successful recruitment of ethnically European women into wokeness mirrors the christian recruitment of women into xianity – until women created a market for their affection on their terms such that they accumulated sufficient power such that males could take over and use it to rule.

6) RELIGION: What is required for a religion? A false promise of violation of the formal, physical, behavioral, or evolutionary laws in exchange for the cost of ritual, oath, obedience, and advocacy of the false promise and its consequences, and a promise of non-aggression to all members of the cult. The result is mindfulness – insulation from normative, status, and signal pressure, and therefore insulation from ADAPTATION to high trust norms which made western (at least northern western) economies possible. The spectrum of religions reflects the relationship between the founding military aristocracy and the peasantry: African magic due to institutional failure; Abrahamic rule of alien slaves, Chinese kinship serfs, Indian castes, and European kinship freemen because a militia was necessary for survival.

7) FALSEHOODS: What are the false promises of the ‘left’ (female) dysgenic religions:
– ONE: The false promise of freedom from Scarcity: the false promise of endless growth, and the end of Malthusian limits.
– TWO: The false promise of freedom from the Nature of Man: as amoral and operating at the limits of morality; as endlessly acquisitive; and that endless sortition by success at acquisition (not necessarily material) is necessary for evolutionary survival. – THREE: The false promise of freedom from the malleability of man: that man is malleable, trainable, a blank slate, and nurture more influential than nature. And especially freedom from the vast differences between the sexes, classes, and races – where racial differences are largely in domestication syndrome and subsequent delay of maturity, extension of life, and increase in cognitive agency.

– FOUR: The false promise of the freedom from Evolution: the false promise of the end of ever-accumulating genetic load, the genetic distribution of races and classes because of it, the necessity of continuing natural selection by market means, and the necessity of defeating the red queen over time.

8) CAUSALITY: The indo european expansion and the Persian – Greco – Roman overthrow of the traditional middle east – with a full standard deviation of neoteny and cognitive difference between them, and a vast difference in metaphysical grasp of time, the world, others, and what constituted ‘the good’ having been conquered and ruled by one invading peoples after another.

9) ABRAHAMIC(FEMALE-DYSGENIC-REGRESSIVE) REBELLION AGAINST THE INDO EUROPEANS (MALE-EUGENIC-EVOLUTIONARY) What is the purpose of Abrahamism? Revolt against the Indo Europeans: Revolt against the natural eugenics of western civilization. That revolt is intentional, was planned, and executed after 1800 just as it was planned and executed after AD 100, and between Jewish Christianity and Islam we lost the arts, letters, innovations, and evolutionary rate of progress of every single civilization of the ancient world that could be reached by the middle eastern peoples in sufficient number to raid or foment rebellion from within.

Abrahamism version 1 ( Judaism -> Christianity -> Islam )- > Abrahamism version 2 (Marxism -> Neo-Marxism -> Postmodernism ->PC/Woke).Yes PC/Woke is a religion.Yes neo-marxism, postmodernism is a religion.Yes marxism is a religion.

Marxism was ‘about’ undermining western civilization – they said so.
Cultural Marxists expressly said so and how they would go about it – then did it.
Postmodernists expressly said so – and how they would go about it and did it.
Pc/Woke expressly say so and how they would go about it and did.

Marxism to foment conflict between classes. Jewish feminists to foment conflict between the sexes. Positive Law to undermine rule of law and the scientific foundations of the constitution Postmodernism to foment conflict between the races. Postmodernism is anti-truth for the purpose of undermining truth. PC/Wokeism to undermine western civilization: rule of law, markets in everything, meritocracy, reproductive self-control. Women in the workforce as a means of increasing taxation at the cost or survivable reproduction. The import of third world underclasses as clients to replace the reproduction of the suppressed first world populations.

10) WAR

It’s just war.

Europeans practice male Indo-European war: the destruction of leadership to obtain resources. Male Destruction. Abrahamic religions practice Female Semitic War: the destruction of institutions of cultural production. Female Undermining. Xianity, Marxism, Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism, Jewish Feminism, and PC/Woke movements use the same method for the same purpose over time: seduction, by baiting into a hazard, using the false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe, blaming the Romans-Greeks, then blaming Aristocracy, then blaming the bourgeoise, then blaming the Europeans, then the white males, in. an incremental rebellion against truth, reciprocity, markets, and resulting status opportunity and … eugenics. Just because some of us know what we are doing and others don’t, doesn’t mean that people don’t follow leaders within their metaphysical team. So whether deliberate conspiracy, a conspiracy of common interest, or accident of intuition – it’s still just war. And the peasantry doesn’t know the grand strategy any better today than they did in any other age of history. They just follow the pack or the herd that advances their inerests. The last time this happened we lost more than a thousand years of ignorance, poverty, hard labor, and disease. and you’re helping them do it again. The dark age began with postwar pseudoscience. Woke is the accumulated result of two generations of pseudoscience in the academy and education. A religion of lies.

… FWIW: There was an American civic religion that continued the European trifunctional ‘religions’ of Law (constitution), Military Service (the buying into the Franchise), and Faith (the ritual of non-aggression). This system of civilization is softly eugenic. It reflects the manorialism in both northwest Europe and northeast Asia during medieval agrarianism.



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