Curt: “Is Society Organized Fairly?” Well, Lets take a look…

1. Fairness consists of reciprocity (incentive to cooperation without retaliation) within the limits of proportionality (sufficient disincentive to defect).

2. Rule of law of self-determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, and proportionality (natural rights) leaves humans with only survival possible as markets for reciprocal cooperation.

3. As such rule of law, reciprocity, and markets, and market survival and success are not UNJUST.

4. However, some people are genetically unfit for markets, and as such their incentive to defect (crime, demand for political redistribution, demand for political rebellion, or demonstrated migration). In other words those who are unfit seek political privileges (lower class corruption) just as much as wealthy interests seek political privileges (upper-class corruption), just as much as people who seek political power seek to increase and maintain their political privileges (political-class corruption), leaving only the middle class (market success by not engaging in political corruption) as the only non-corrupt demographic.

5. Given that we cannot train intelligence but we can educate. Given that we can educate but that we vary greatly in intelligence and therefore the ability to be educated. Given that no matter what we do to attempt to improve education, nothing matters other than intelligence, because the effects of education dissipate rapidly in the workforce. Because the workforce consists of uncertainty and change and education trains for the opposite.

6. Given that we cannot alter the racial differences in rates of development and maturity, and therefore aggression and self-regulation, we can however, train people in discipline (conscientiousness) which was the job of the family the church and the military, and as such we can limit criminality, violence, and anti-social behavior. But we misdirect educational efforts away from training discipline (conscientiousness).

7. Given that we cannot alter sex differences in neuroticism, we can however train people in mindfulness, which was the job of fathers, and the church for women, the military for men. But we misdirect educational efforts away from mindfulness.

8. Given that people assortively mate, and given that the least fit for markets reproduce most, we are constantly in a situation where we are generating more people unfit for markets. We can however limit the reproduction of those unfit for markets as we did in all European and east asian history (not in the rest of the world). But we misdirect funds into providing assistance for those who are unfit for markets, unfit for self-regulation, unfit for mindfulness, and who reproduce by putting the cost of their reproduction on the productive middle class.

9. Civilizations collapse when the number of people unfit for markets, and the number of people engaging in lower-class corruption, upper-class corruption, political corruption, and religious, academic, intellectual, and media corruption, have exhausted the middle class’ ability to maintain financing of lower class, upper class, political, and intellectual corruptions, because either they lose the incentive to grant legitimacy to the state (now) or they lose the incentive to defend the state (now) or the lose the incentive to produce (now) or they lose the incentive to cooperate (now).

10. What this set of frictions occurs the society and polity experience overextension of their capabilities and all sectors (now) and world competitors seek to take advantage of weakness, and they fill the power vacuum in all markets (now), causing the tipping point of social economic and political collapse (now).

11. So is society fairly structured? It was the most fairly structured society in history until the late 1950s, when people sought to use the postwar economic windfall seek privileges by claiming oppression when they were just unwilling to pay the psychological, emotional, intellectual, and physical costs to sort into a place in the markets while limiting their consumption and corruption to that which wasn’t irreciprocal and disproportionate given their limited contribution.

12. So the problem we face is that a just society requires we limit the reproduction of the unfit to those who fail at participating in markets, despite our efforts at education and training in fitness, mindfulness, conscientiousness, and knowledge, such that everyone is employed because everyone is employable, and that we never abandon this dependency, because that’s what natural selection consists of for an advanced technological species.

13. There is no end of scarcity. There is a Malthusian limit. The leftist’s false promise (lie) of an end to scarcity(physical laws), the self interst, acquisitiveness, amorality, rationality, and limited malleability and adaptability of man (behavioral laws), and the never-ending accumulation of genetic load (Defects), the never-ending need for natural selection (eugenics), and the never-ending need to defeat the Red Queen of the natural world (Evolutionary Laws), was bait so that they could obtain power, because they envied and hated the successful productive people – not because they cared about the laboring, working, and middle classes. It was always their envy and their hate for their lower status as having high opinions of themselves and their self-worth, but not producing evidence of VALUE TO OTHERS in doing the basic work of increasing productivity thereby decreasing costs, increasing consumption, for all.

14. We can only limit injustice (corruption) we cannot limit the inequality of man without producing injustice (corruption) which will destroy our condition. This means we must always produce a Pareto distribution of competency and value, in order to produce a Nash distribution of quality of life, where a nash distribution of the quality of life is a normal hierarchy of value that we have to one another given our vast differences in abilities, drives, and desires.

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