Yes, we do understand critical race theory as a War against White People and their Civilization

—” The answer to Marc’s question is “no.” None of these people who have made attacking Critical Race Theory their life’s work HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS!!!!” —Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid  @JoyAnnReid

Yes, we do. Absolutely positively do. It’s an attempt to overthrow white civilization and its rapid innovation, adaptation, and evolution by self-determination, sovereignty, rule of law, reciprocity, markets, and meritocracy because people of color cannot compete in those markets.

Yes we know why people of color cannot compete in those markets – it’s because there are five generations of mankind, each one more EVOLVED than the last, where evolution consists of slowing maturity and aggression in exchange for intelligence and agency(executive function).

The result of the five generations of mankind and the hybridization of those generations, produced the present distribution of humans and their variation is sexual, social, economic, and political MARKET VALUE to one another.

The variation between these Generations (Primary and Hybrid Races), is easily expressed as the difference in the median of the intelligence and agency distribution which we in the west call ‘class’.As such the vast supermajority of people of color are ‘underclass’: unfit for markets.

So people of color are asking to ‘devolve’ ‘white’ civilization from hyper innovative, adaptive, and evolutionary, in both genetics, culture, institutions, economy, science, medicine, and technology in order to ‘accommodate brown people who hate us because they can’t join us.

Critical Race Theory is just another generation of old-world Judaism, Christianity, Islam and in new world Marxism, Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism, PC-Woke, Anti-White, White-Hate, White War by less evolved peoples who want white gains without paying white costs of self-domestication.

Whiteness is ‘Natural Law’ or what we call ‘science’. We live according to the laws of nature. We do not deny the truth. You do.

There is only one cure to racial inequality and that is equality of racial regulation of reproduction until the lesser evolved races have eliminated their ‘unfit’ classes as thoroughly as have Europeans and East Asians. That’s the truth. The rest is just Race-War-Against Whites.

The Jewish people are the most racist and hateful people in history. They created Judaism, Christianity and Islam as a rebellion against indo-iranic-european civilization that was conquering them. They operate from hate and conduct warfare by sedition using false promises to women, the underclasses, and the lesser evolved races of freedom the laws of nature: death, scarcity, nature of man, the malleability of man, and the evolutionary pressures of natural selection in competition with mutation and accumulating genetic load in the lower classes. The Jewish false promises created the dark ages and the destruction of every great civilization of the ancient world.

The Jewish Communists understood that capitalism could save the white working classes. So the Jewish Left migrated to america because they knew that capitalism could not solve the problem of ‘the African. Their plan was to ‘destroy the institutions of cultural production’ of ‘white’ western civilization using false promises, propaganda, by organizing and funding the capture of education, the academy, entertainment, media, and now social media – while exploiting holes in the constitution of ‘white law’ with intentional funding of court cases that would undermine the institutions of cultural production.

Yet every one of these initiatives – the false promises – has failed.

It’s just war. And that’s why a civil war will result from it. ANd we will return to world-normal like the rest of mankind is doing: a balance of power between the civilizations, each of which represents the common interests and institutions of the races, each of which is more evolved than the last.

And history will cycle once again as the prosecution of jews, and the expelling of hostile races, just as the Chinese and Europeans have expelled all hostiles in the past, and just as the Islamic world is expelling Christians and continuing its hateful destructive conquest of every group it can touch with its false promises.

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