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Each Group Evolutionary Strategy Is Perpetuated By:

  • A Metaphysical Paradigm;

That is Constrained by:

  • Multiple Dimensions;

Along the Spectrum of:

  • Dominant,
  • Exchange, or
  • Submissive;

For each of:

  • Relationships with The Natural World
  • Relationships Toward Other Groups
  • The Organizing of the Three Possible Elites
  • Mythologies to Support the Strategy
  • Method of Negotiation Within the Order (Paradigm)
  • A Grammar (Logic and Paradigm) to Persist the Order (Paradigm)

Where that Grammar consists in :
The Spectrum of:

  • Deflationary and Empirical,
    • History -> Narrative
  • Ordinary and Practical, or
    • Fiction -> Myth
  • Inflationary and Ideal
    • Magic -> Pseudoscience
    • Morality -> Ideology
    • Sophistry -> Philosophy
    • Occult -> Theology

For One Or More Elites and Each of Their Dependent Classess;

  • Upper or Lower Upper, or Lower: Martial and Empirical
  • Upper, Lower Upper, or Middle: Commercial and Practical
  • Upper, Lower Upper, or Bottom: Religious and Supernatural

The Cumulative Effect Producing A Spectrum of Truthfulness:

  • Truth Before Face
  • Face before Truth
  • Facelessness

Which in turn produces a rate of:

  • adaptation,
  • innovation,
  • evolution

Which in turn produces a condition of:

  • wealth,
  • sustenance, or
  • poverty

And culminates in a condition of:

  • devolution (decline)
  • stagnation (survival)
  • evolution (growth)



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