A Little Feedback To Virtue Signaling Jews

Eliz: Do you hold the following:

1) Stereotypes are the most accurate measure in social science

2) There is a substantial, standard deviation in cognitive ability between the primary races. (African, South Eurasian, European, and East Asian due to increases in neotenic evolution.

3) There is a substantial behavioral difference between the primary races, due to neotenic evolution including lower aggression, lower clannishness, lower rates of gestation, develoment and maturity, producing greater trust, loyalty, and lower impulsivity.

4) Each major civilization serves the interests of their state of evolution: African, South Eurasian (Berber, Semitic, Iranic, Indian), European, and East Asian.

5) Each civilization evolved a group strategy, mythology, institutions, wisdom literature, means of argument, traditions, customs, norms serving the needs of that demographic.

6) Every civilization other than European failed to discover and adapt to the laws of nature, and only east asian civilization and European civilization succeeded in state formation, professional bureaucracy, limited corruption, and high trust polity capable of producing commons.

7) European success in the ancient and modern worlds was and is due to paying the cost of continuous discovery, adaptation to, and application of the laws of nature. Resulting in our prosperity. The consequence is pressure on the rate of reproduction of the unfit for adaptation.

8) Europeans produced sovereignty(self-determination) despite being a smaller population on the edge of the bronze age, and lacking flood river valleys, by organizing the society as an army wherein all people have a duty to the group before duty to themselves, family, or tribe.

9) Europeans pay the high cost of continuous adaptation – and it is costly in reason, psychology, emotion, and action.
So we produce a high investment parenting in producing people FIT for producing COMMONS and suppressing the reproduction of those unfit for producing commons.

10) Others who come here(yourself included) do not want to pay the cost of loyalty(duty) to the army (polity), that produces high investment parenting, norms, and institutions for the production of those who are fit for production of commons, and fit for self-sufficiency in them.

11) “Whiteness”, which is just living according to the laws of nature and nature’s god (science), and American civilization consists of paying those high costs. You can’t have what you can’t pay for. It’s a law of nature.

12) Your civilization was unable to produce such commons and could not retain sovereignty. Your civilization didn’t discover, adapt to and apply the laws of nature, but created a wisdom literature, mythology, method of argument (pilpul) to not only evade but deny them.

13) Worse, you adapted to favoring occupations that extract from the commons by specializing in seduction (baiting) into hazard, and producing new generations of false promises of freedom from the laws of nature: Marxism, Neomarxism, Postmodernism, PC-Woke.

14) So you are presently providing solace to, and objecting whites and others who are trying to train less evolved genetically, politically, socially, and morally, into ‘whiteness’ – the high cost of commons production.
We care about your loyalty, not the color of your skin.

15) We care you put the nation, commons, duty, including the duty to enforce our costly norms first – not yourself, family, clan, tribe, or cult and especially the cult (yours) that has created more ignorance, dark ages, false promise, and fraud than all others combined.

16) So mind your manners. You aren’t moral. You aren’t wise. You’re making excuses for your maladaption and centuries of parasitism upon those who dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering & early death.


17) Between judaism and postmodernism (creating the current crisis on purpose and with intent), creating Judaism and communism (100M dead), between judaism and Christianity (1000 years of dark ages), between Judaism and Islam (1B dead) … you need to look in the mirror first.

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