The Context of The Next Christian Reconciliation with The Laws of God, Nature, and Man

— “Enlist the Christian cognitively masculine by appealing to their interest in Truth. Many of them are alpha males suppressed by sophistry of Tolerance. They are ready for Reformation in which Tolerance has been knocked down as a totem.” —

Freedom Of Religion

(a) the freedom of religion clause has failed the test of Judaism and Islam (b) religion is a method of warfare on behalf of a group evolutionary strategy. (c) prohibiting religions that are acts of war is a necessity not preference. (d) natural law = non-false religion.

In other words (a) natural law(as in P-law) isn’t opinion philosophy or theory -its the endpoint of science, unifying the sciences (b) as such if there is a god natural law is the word and law of god (c) as such we can outlaw any religion contrary to that law – w/o mandating one.

The Abrahamic Religions are predicated on social construction of falsehoods by an agreement to lie and deny in order to eliminate falsifying feedback.This is the worst ‘mind virus’ in human history, and Judaism, Islam, Marxism-Pomo-PC/Woke-Anti-West are the evolution of disease.

The way out of the problem for Xians is (a) Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier and a Jewish prostitute (b) his message was European(Roman) not Semitic, (c) it was wrapped in Abrahamic deceit as by the Semitic people, to undermine the Epic Cycle – the ‘bible’ of Europeans. And the original meaning – which was to give the underclasses the solution to the problem of god’s laws that were discovered by the European peoples: the universe is hostile. It’s a furnace to forge us from beasts to gods. And Jesus came to tell us how to tolerate it: Love.

We know this Abrahamic deceit is wrapped around the message of love because the Abrahamic deceit is equally wrapped around Judaism Xianity and Islam, as well as marxism postmodernism pc-woke and anti-whiteness.

Abrahamic deceit is the work of the Devil if there is one, and Abraham was the Devil or his prophet. Why? It’s a work of seduction by half-truth, false unwarrantable unredeemable promise that baits the hazard of violating God’s laws: Seduction Into addiction by Comforting Lies.

Our European history then and the struggle between Europeanism(Aryanism) and Christianity is an artificial conflict created by the followers of Abraham to undermine our people. God shows us faces. The Aristocratic(warrior) face of Achilles, and the Mother(loving) face of Jesus.

As far as I know, knowing what I know, unifying science, logic, law, philosophy, and theology into a single consistent coherent correspondent paradigm, vocabulary, logic, and grammar, this is the long sought unification and it proves that church theorists were right: natural law.

So: The reason the church failed, opening the opportunity for the second Demonic, Abrahamic, Semitic war against European people by marxism-pomo-woke-anti-white, is that there was no Augustine or Aquinas in 1850 to unify Jesus’ advice (love) with Gods Laws (Science).

In other words, our religion and our catholic church need not fail. It need only, once again, undergo a theological reform as it has before, to increase the church’s precision, and divorce the Devil’s Abrahamic deceit from Jesus’ European Counsel of love of one another.

And again, in theological terms, what would the devil need to do to most prevent a God from evolving us into gods ourselves, to spread the work of creation?

A Devil would tell us a half-truth, with an impossible, unwarrantable, unredeemable promise, using plausible deniability, freedom from liability, the result of which was a failure to discover, apply, and evolve with the word and laws of god?
The word of god is ‘evolve’.

It’s not that I have any opinon or theory here. it’s that this is the law of the universe, written in gods paradigm, logic, vocabulary, and grammar, in every atom of the universe: Evolve. The Abrahamic religions are revolutionary. They are cancers of growth and decay.

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