The Rights ‘COGFEM’ Are the Right’s Jews – Undermining Victory

We need to run with this message long-term to generate self-awareness of RIGHT behavior:
— “It was a reference to curt criticising your and the the rights tendency in general to purity spiral. As in X isn’t perfect so tear it down even of it hurts the right.” —
COGFEM: Division of Interests, Narrow Knowledge, Case-Overplay, Demand for Self-Satisfaction on Narrow Terms, Doubling Down rather than adapting, Purity Spiraling, Undermining.
COGFEM vs COGMEN: Female individual interests limit close alliances at tribal scale. Male common interests limited close alliances at political scale. In other words, we see FEM political homogeneity, MEN tribal homogeneity, vs male political and FEM friend heterogeneity.
So this is why we see a minority of men on the right displaying COGFEM behavior(undermining) at political scale. Because they are cognitively, psychologically, emotionally, and socially, weak. They destroy group cohesion just as females and jews do, using the same COGFEM methods.
The problem? Just as entertainment, media, press, and now social media have assisted the COGFEM on the left from undermining evolutionary society itself, the COGFEM right are assisting the left (left allies) to undermine leadership that would advance the right’s interests.
In this sense the group of the right, that used social media to apply COGFEM GSRRM (Ridicule, Undermining) bred their own, and gave a forum to their own COGFEM = weak undesirable, ignorant,give-me-attention, unfit, males to demand their tribe victory at the cost of losing the war.
So just as the jews were a minority that used energetic undermining to destroy western civilization for century, the COGFEM on the right are a minority that use energetic undermining to destroy our chance of recovering western civ – they are costing us the war with pettiness.
The western model of success is self-sacrifice of individual, familial, clan, tribal preference for the economic, political, and military COMPETITIVE success of the group. The COGFEM right is as shallow, impulsive, ignorant, selfish undermining as the FEM and Jews that they hate.
So the ‘silent majority’ right must either domesticate the emotional impulsive and intellectually incompetent COGFEM RIGHT or reject, eject, them from the right. Because the only necessity on the right is POWER to deny the COGFEM Left power, so we can create nations for tribes.
What does this mean? It means, as I’ve been saying that the group must seek rule of law by the natural law of self-determination. This means that factions (libertarians, civic nationalists, traditionalists, fundamentalists, Ethnonationalist, ALL WIN but don’t WIN ALL.
This is why we(rule of law) have the only possible solution to the right’s demands.Because it is the only solution that allows the right to divide the spoils of victory and put them to use on their terms. We need not be united in ends. We need only be united on means and warfare.
Seeking to ‘WIN ALL’ rather than win FOR ALL is the rights typical male (stupid) problem. There is only way to win for all and that is rule by which the factions can form the states (polities) that provide the local AND civilizational and global conditions necessary for victory.
So for a taste of irony, the right must expel the COGFEM undermining minority among our tribes, in order to expel the J-COGFEM minority among our nations. In other words, winner take all on my terms right, has to evict the J-COGFEMs among their factions to evict them from Civ.

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