The Sin of Vanity – the Right Fails Because They Want to ‘be Right’ More than They Want to Win


— “Somebody call BLM. We need to get curt to give up his megaphone so he can stroke their egos with “y’all are stronger and have bigger dicks!” —

–“The real action is in the reaction of the opposition.” — Saul Alinsky

Be mindful of how you react to your enemy.
Because they play you for the dumb f–ks you are.
And they couldn’t play me like they play the dumb f–ks you are.
And you dumb f–ks didn’t get it.
Because you’re dumb F–ks.

I can always tell when I hit a nerve because the Right’s cogfem cockroaches come out of the woodwork to GSRRM. Too bad cockroaches can’t learn that BLM and ANTIFA are bait, not the enemy, and these dumb f—ks take the bait. Every time. The dumb f–k, genetic waste of the Right.

You’re presuming an equality that doesn’t exist. I was right you were wrong. I’m still right, you’re still wrong. I learned you were a lost cost. You didn’t learn to reform. You still have no leaders, no organization, no strategy, no means, you’re owned, enserfed, exterminated.

We were the only people who invested in you with any chance of turning you into a viable political movement. You f’ked up. We were your last chance. You’re the fecal matter at the end of your genetic line – and it makes me happy and fulfilled to watch you flail in desperation.

You aren’t christian if you’re a dumb f–k trying to be right rather than to continuously discover and improve your undrestanding of the law of god, written in the language of god, and the langauge of god is what science seeks to uncover, and it has, and it turns out jesus was right. But he was only half of the message. Jeuss taught us hot to tolerate gods laws. Becuase gods’ law is evolution, and life is a forge which god uses to evolve us such that we can sit at his hand, and share the burden of creation.

Ego, and Vanity of Being Right is a Sin. The word of god is written throughout ever atom in the universe. It was just a very hard langauge for man to learn to read. And we did a poor job in most of history.

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