We Know Who Made This Crisis

I don’t like to stomp on Haidt’s tweets but there is a reason for this shift and it’s the postwar intellectual immigrant’s attack on western civilization, and this group is now learning the cost of their naivety and why they have historically been a failed people – at our cost.

We have paid the extremely high cost of restoring European thought internally from 1200 onward, and externally since the French, German, Russian, Ashkenazi and now Muslim and Chinese counter-revolution. Laws of nature require it to maintain evolutionary returns: market eugenics.

So we cannot fix the problem by continuing these cycles of paternal order constraining Malthusian hyperconsumption to produce capitalizing commons followed by agitation of underclasses by cults, lying that evolutionary adaptation is the result of middle and upperclass oppression.

“What went wrong” was 1) the European civil war to prevent Germany from restoring the HRE destroyed by French rebellion against europeanism, and the spread of the French false promise. 2) Then the Marxist-Neo-Marxist-Pomo-Woke-Anti-whiteness cult repeating the false promise of freedom from laws of the universe by claim of oppression. 3) And postwar left intellectuals destroying institutions of cultural production of Europeanism by organized strategic intent.

Man is not oppressed. He is domesticated like every other animal. And genetics has confirmed the Darwinianism that the postwar intellectuals rebelled against: that the evolution of man mirrors the domestication of animals, by market competitive in markets in every aspect of life.

Worse, that despite the gains of agrarianism after our exhaustion of flora and fauna in just 50K years, every civilization failed the test of evolution by 800ad EXECEPT europeans.

And then once freed of agrarian limits by Europeans, the left created a new set of lies in this age of transformation like they had with the first age of transformation to agrarianism. THESE LIES ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION. Science is: Continuous constraint of reproduction.

So what intellectual bias and what intellectual cultures keep inventing generations of lies? And how do we reform those genetics, cultures, and biases so that they are forever prohibited from producing new generations of the ‘great lies?’.

Curt Doolittle


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We are at childhood’s end because we are at the planet’s limits. So grow up, the science is what it is, all the pseudoscience from 1850(Marx, Freud, Boaz, Gould, and the thousands of others) are just networks of lies casting man as oppressor when they themselves are the problem.

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