Hans Hoppe

I’m sort of reluctant to criticize him again, but we can’t convert to the only possible method of creating and possessing liberty by any other means than the pre-war British or American, and continuing this catasrophic failure we call libertariansim is only givin the same false hope to europeans as marxism and socialism are to the peasantry.

Hoppe is arguing in favor of the holy roman empire like Rothbard for the Jewish pale in Lviv, or the american fantasy of restoring the liberty of the westward expansion. But the HRE couldn’t defend itself from the napoleonic state, nor ukraine maintain independence, and the american expansion is beimng overrun by the eastern and western costal cities.

The state can finance war, defense, infrastructure. The greater germanic people were rendered subjects of others three times – all wrongly – for their failure follow the british into both empiricism and the modern state, purely out of self defense. Instead, the french created sophomoric philosophy and the germans continental secular philosophy, which eventually gave birth to the jewish conversion of that sophistry into marxism, neo-marxism, postmodernism, woke, and ant-whiteness, they way the jews used plato and greek idealism to create christianity, rabbiniacal judaism, and the arabs the christian heresy of islam.

The british developed the modern state (rule of law, monarchy as judge of last resort, parliament for the classes, taxation, treasury, finance, accounting, despite the Hansa’s lead in restoring european trade. France was the most backward government in europe, and the most latin, catholic, and authoritarian, who killed not only their middle class and their aristocracy, then used napoleon’s restoration of roman scale administration and war, and germania was doomed to submission and the three thousand years of the germanic core of europe was hung out to dry.

Despite Frederik resurrecting european civilization from the middle ages, and develping the first professional bureaucracy in europe, scaling germanic civilization required more revenue, administrative, military, and cultural organization than was possible for the weakest administration in europe – an administration, that becaue of geography, that was only possible after the development of rail.

So like all Jews, marxists, libertarians, and neocons, Hoppe is using critique (undermining) but he’s not proposing an equally testable, equally criticizable operational solution that could survive competition in the market for self determination any more than a Jewish tribe can survive without paying the high cost of commons.

I’m so sensitive to the use of critique (the Female > Jewish > Abrahamic) method of undermining (female method of social warfare against dominant military males) that I can’t read hoppe (or anyone at Mises or PFS without visions of little girls complaining that mommy and daddy won’t give them expensive stuff for free. Liberty is only possible by universal reciprocal insurance of self determination by self determined means, regardless of cost, where that cost is determined by market competition for territorial control.

That argument is very simple: bitch all you want, but you have to produce the institutions you need in order to maintain self determination, not the institutions you want. Markets for territorial rule determine the necessity of the size, scale, and resource needs of that polity. And it’s counter-evolutionary to demand superior predators ‘leave you alone’. There are no female and no libertarian civlizations states or polities for good reason, and there never will be, because the possibiity of producing political orders that produce self determination on self benefitting terms is a universal evolutionary demand of all cooperatitve and competitive species.

Unlike anglo liberty (self determination under rule of law of natural law and reciprocal insurance of that condition) Libertarianism (jewish libertarianism) is just an attempt to beg for free commons and free defense without paying for them or insuring those commons.

In other words, libertarianism is marxism for the middle class -t hat’s all. Just another scam like marxism(bottom), libertarianism(middle), or Neoconservatism(top).

Now, that we’re still trying to recover from jewish libertarianism the way we’re still trying to recover from marxism, and like we still need to recover from neoconservatism. But there is only one method of recovering anglo, germanic, old european civlizatin and our 5000 years of dragging pathetic failed humanity out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, and teh vicissitudes of a nature largely hostile to advanced life.

And that one method is a militia of every single man willing and able to insure one another regardless of cost such that all competitiors foreign and domestic tremble in fear at the very idea of depriving us of freedom, liberty, sovereignty, rule of law by the natural law of reciprocity, a monarchy as a judge of last resort and a market for the producxtion of commons necessary to maintain a competitive advantage – the most important competitive advantage being self determiniation by the forcde necessary to deprive others of the alternative.

Because freedom like all power is obtained by one and only one method: men using a spectrum of hard, pointy, objects at increasing velocities.

Period. So grow up. Infantilism is for women and the left.

The jewish century of false promises, baiting into hazard, and abrahamic sophistry pseudoscience and lies is over.
Time to be europeans again.

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