Restoring the Family


A woman has intrinsic value to a man, so he must only determine her costs. A man has extrinsic value to a woman, so she must only determine her returns. We are going to have to restore the family as the object of policy(not the individual) if we are going to SURVIVE.

If, as I recommend, we state the reproduction of the intergenerational family is the purpose of policy, we reverse the marriage vs unmarried penalty, we eliminate common property, alimony, child support, restore insurance by the population from interference in the marriage, by restoring liability for interfering with or breaking a marriage, and we reduce the financial stress, reduce taxation housing and interest at the bottom, end and sexual asymmetry in the present marketplace for low and medium wage employment, restore the academy as a ‘church’, and limit voting to those with self-supporting famiilies with children, then we will help families form once again. If we determine retirement payments by children and their incomes, and we restore inheritances then this begins to again encourage family formation.

If, as I recommend, we repatriate strategic industries, end income tax for manual labor (including drivers, craftsmen, construction, and one-man businesses) and eliminate interest on durable goods and homes, and distribute liquidity directly to families, we ‘fix’ most problems.

If as I recommend, we provide ‘British ability to draw down against future liquidity distributions (increases in money supply), we eliminate a lot of familial stresses. If we nationalize pensions, and insurance, and adopt Singapore retirement and medical we solve even more.

If as I recommend, we restore centralized design and production of homes, for rail distribution and local assembly, we can negotiate resource prices, standardize and reduce prices, reduce the cost of homes, end mc-houses, increase quality, (see 1920’s home catalogs).

If, as I recommend, we regionalize manufacture of apartments, particularly designs for three generations, down to what are effectively ‘dorms’ for single men, we can state fund, and mass-produce housing superior to the soviet model, while imposing severe behavioral restrictions.

— “The solutions aren’t out of reach when there are guys like you working on the problem. The real barrier is the social ecosystem of power, bureaucracy, vested interests in the status quo, etc that prevent changes.” —

Like I said. If 2M show up that’s all it takes to force a peaceful negotiation so that the state preserves its self interest at the expense of the financial sector, academy, and media. They will do it only if it means self-perpetuation. And that’s what we’re offering them.

You have to think of it from the Bureaucracy’s perspective. They need ‘permission, direction, and operating rules’ in order to change from financial, political, and globalist system masters to serving the people once again – and mostly by protecting them from bad people again.

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