Spirituality is not an expression of intelligence

Spirituality is not an expression of intelligence, its the discipline of mindfulness which is the only way of suppressing neuroticism, which itself is the incentive to worry about status in the pack. all forms of mindfulness emerged about the same time as a solution to alienation as anonymity and irrelevance increases. the optimum is stoicism/epicureanism, then Confucianism, followed by Buddhism, then Hinduism, and finally the Abrahamic traditions., before we get to the African magical traditions. That these disciplines reflect the avg IQ and evolutionary neoteny and heterogeneity of groups is rather obvious. the degree of falsehood increases as intelligence, evolution, and trust decrease.

We can develop mindfulness in a spectrum of methods. The question is, what cost and responsibility are you avoiding in your search for mindfulness? Or like stoicism are you learning to invest rather than avoid costs?

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