The Course of Any Revolutionary Victory

The Constitution was designed as a political organization for an alliance of traditional Germanic micro-states under traditional European natural law. The Bill of Rights was added to enumerate specific limitations on the state. But this enabled the lie: ‘Rights’ over Natural Law.

Constitutional Rights were testable, and Natural Law was insufficiently articulated outside of Blackstone, Smith, Locke, and Hobbes. Like the common law, it was ASSUMED not stated. This opened the door to positive law (command) that violated Natural Law and the Common Law.

Between the failure to articulate the natural law logic, and common law method, as the SCIENCE OF COOPERATION, then enumerating a subset of rights, then combining classical liberalism’s positive inspirations,with Jewish postwar Sophistry(Pilpul) Undermining(Critique), it ‘broke’.

It’s entirely possible – because I’ve (we have) done it – to restore the constitution and reverse the incremental destruction of our civilization by a long stream of sophomoric and pseudoscientific attacks on our western SCIENTIFIC traditions of cooperation and government.

And strategically speaking, it’s a very different thing to revolt – sue the state by a common law declaration of reformation or secession – in order to restore the constitution, and overthrow more than a century of pseudoscience sophistry and deceit, than any other justification.

So if you want rebellion, violence, religious rule, authoritarian rule – you’re asking for ‘feels’ not ‘reals’. You’re as bad as the left and women. If you have a brain, and you want victory, you have to choose ‘reals’ over ‘feels’.

The Law, defended by a court, sherrifs, militia and an army is the only interpersonal, social, political, economic, and strategic operating system that does not require the people to share the same abilities, intuitions, feelings, experience, knowledge, and skill.

Law is the solution: always. Not because it is best. But because it is the only solution possible.

But to make and enforce law, constitution, legislation, regulation, policy, and procedure a people need the POWER to do so. That power must come from a combination of the force necessary to replace an evil state, AND solutions that for the majority are preferable to status quo.

So any revolution victory requires the satisfaction not of the extremes but of the center. The extremes will take action for ANY improvement, the center will simply not RESIST a substantial improvement.

And we are able to provide a substantial improvement for the majority middle.

Revolution Comes.

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