Integrating Your Foreign Family Name Into Anglo Germanic Western Civilization.

All immigrants into western civilization have traditionally changed the spelling of their last names to use the sounds available in the English (west germanic) language.
Example: Vientamies Nguyen = from ng’When, to G’When, to H’when to “When”.
English (Indo European languages altogether) use emphasis (volume), do not use tones, and English has dropped all nasal and glottal sounds because we associate them with guttural behavior “backwardness”.
If you learn European languages from west to east: from Latin to French to English to German to Polish to Ukrainian to Russian, the progress in those languages equals the rate of the commercialization (wealth) of their cultures, and the natural consequence of faster speech, using more vocabulary in longer sentences, of more complex meaning, with greater disambiguation, by lower context and higher precision, combined with the tolerance for emotive expression in the culture.
In this sense, Asian and Southeast Asian languages have gone through a lot of rotation, but have not ‘matured’ into modern languages or character sets, and westerners consider them (quite rightly) primitive.
Cultural Metaphysics, group strategy, institutions, language, traditions, values are not ‘relative’. They are measurable as anything else and inferior and superior as the result.
Nobody is ‘privileged’ when it comes to integration.

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