Is There Purpose Or Meaning

1) There is no purpose (intentional objective), or function (intentional process), to the universe, but there exists a rather obvious behavior (unintentional process), with deterministic sequence of beginning, maturity, and end.

2) We discover meaning (success, justi?cation, mindfulness) by successfully understanding, acting, and organizing our adaptation to and bene?t from that rather obvious behavior during the course of our lives.

3) We choose to discover that meaning using our relative abilities and cooperative value to others – because we have no choice: we must ?nd our place and learn to be satis?ed with our place in that distribution of abilities and value to one another.

4) We may ?nd either positive meaning (satisfaction, competition, cooperation) or negative meaning (disappointment, con?ict, rebellion) by choosing to pursue meaning that is achievable or unachievable giving our abilities and cooperative value to others.

5) If we cannot ?nd meaning, it is because we have found no way to employ our limited abilities and limited cooperative value to others that will reduce the stress of understanding, acting, organizing, and adapting to the obvious behavior of the universe.

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