Religion and Civilization Leading to The Natural Religion of Man


ME did not develop trifunctionalism because despite the center of world trade, the supply of a sequence of ‘hill people, desert people, then steppe people’ caused rotation of conqueres of concentrated capital production along the rivers preventing trust formation.

There are only three means of human coercion (seduction, exchange, force) -> three sets of institutions (religion, contract law, state) -> the sequence of institutions determines the hierarchy of influence.

ME sequence was Religion -> State -> Common Law (Contract). ie: all civilizational differences are caused by degree of heterogeneity, number of competitors, means of agrarian age production, and geography.

So ME heterogeneity (tribalism), serial conquest, river production, and religion (first generation institution) generates demand for authoritarian religion and authoritarian state, instead of common law (Indo-european) or bureaucratic state (china).

So despite ME invention of all mechanisms of trade ( writing, recording, accounting, weights/measures) other than Greeks and their money. And despite being center of world trade, conflict maintained demand for low trust abstract authority rather than high trust empirical law.

As we see in China, in India, and in the ME, the rate of evolutionary computation is determined by the degree of empiricism FIRST, the degree of trade second, and the homogeneity of the population third. Ergo: Which civ evolves fastest is more influential than which was first.

If I am correct, each civilization revolts against empiricism, because it produces inequality despite raising overall prosperity(envy), then ME should only require another generation (max three) if present rates of development continue, presuming no new wave of fundamentalism.

This is evident in the younger generation. Interestingly the west has become degenerate b/c of tolerance, the russians and chinese are preventing this and I assum ME will do so as well.

So we see in europe, that advanced analog computing technology had evolved by 200bc, but christian religion destroyed aristocracy, replacing cooperating families of empirical-entreprenurial-military with supernatural-authoritarian-priesthood.

From this understanding we learn (a) our cultural differences are accidents of geography (b) rule of law (empirical law of tort) matters more than the form of government or the religion (c) this rule of law is just ‘applied evolutionary science’. (d) all people can apply science.

And lastly (e) the result of the applied science, of the rule of empirical law of tort, produces the greatest trust, and the greatest trust and surplus produces greatest possibility of producing commons, and commons reduce costs of living and need for for the poor and the middle – offsetting the inequality of income through commons production that is a radical discount not achievable through indivicual or familial income.

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