The American Understanding Of Geostrategy vs Ukraine


1) The western ethic is the right to self-determination by self-determined means – it was the rule by which they created the postwar era.

2) The Americans are aware of the possibility of a three-front war (Russia, China, Iran) This is what you’re failing to grasp.

3) So America will draw Russia into an aggressive action against Ukraine, thus restoring NATO’s legitimacy, and Solving the American problem of Europe paying for its defense, and accelerating the unification of an Army of Europe.

4) Nato will use attrition warfare in Ukraine against Russia over a long time, preserving their concentration of forces against China, given that at least 1/3 of Ukrainians will aggressively fight against the occupation, given the past murder of Ukrainians by Russians.

5) Russia can only last six months of loss of gas revenues with their reserves.

6) The Americans are aware of the almost certainty of the collapse of Russia and China over the next few decades. Russia has a tiny economy. It already cannot produce infrastructure and investment across all eleven time zones.

7) The Amercans will continue to wait out the fall of Russia and fall of China the way they waited out the fall of the USSR and Communist China.

We have always understood the Russian game plan. (And, yes, I know so.) There is a narrow window of opportunity for Russia given our weak president, our drawdown of forces trying to get Europe to pay for restoring its self-defensive capability, the opportunity using of a multi-front-war limiting the commitment of the USA, the coming energy independence of Europe, and the coming demographic collapse and subsequent economic collapse of Russia and China (as well as Germany and Italy). I find the conversation in this video somewhat humorous.

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