Part 1 – The Origin of Failure – Causality

Every individual constructs, by a combination of accident, affinity, and intent, his intuitions, philosophy, self image, and status-claims by investment in a set of identities (imitation), beliefs (presumptions), and rationalizations (excuses, arguments, philosophies).

Biologically this means, together, this spectrum of ‘beliefs’ regulates our ability to produce serotonin, and serotonin produces our ability to regulate negative emotions. And it’s the regulation of negative emotions that produces what we call mindfulness. And it’s mindfulness that allows us to exercise agency, longer term time preference – rational adult thought.

So, this series of causality means that we treat, quite logically, our beliefs as very precious assets. I’ve argued elsewhere that depending upon your combination degree of trait neuroticism, stress, or sense of life in an adversarial condition, or in an alienated or oppressed, or conspired-against condition, that you’ll put defense of beliefs above everything other than your life itself.

Now, some of these beliefs are effective in that they produce an emotional defense against stress for you. Some might produce an emotional advantage of enduring more stress for you. But aside from the emotional feedback, those beliefs may be correspondent with reality and result in success rather just emotional defense or advantage for you; or those beliefs may be non-correspondent with reality and result in lack of success for you; or those beliefs may be contradictory and result in a continuous cycle of failure for you.

And to make matters worse, because these beliefs are now a means of sedating negative emotions, we double down on those beliefs despite failure, producing cyclical real life, emotional, psychological collapse. Or what our friend Yuri Bezmenov calls ‘demoraization’. And what the rest of us call anger, resentment, resignation, and depression – which is my perception of the majority of the right – at least the vocal right online.

So now that’ we’ve worked through this we have discovered that the cycle of failure from malinvestment in beliefs that provide emotional regulation at the cost of spiralling into failure, is the same as every other addictive drug – every failure leads to more failure using more sedation by the addictive drug of false beliefs provisoning serotonin. And so, again, we’ve now explained why religion, philosophy, ideology, and false beliefs are in fact the ‘opiates of the masses’ producing personal, group, class, and civilizational collapse.

And so whether we are on the left selling false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe, or on the right selling false promise of freedom from paying the cost of regulating, limiting, governing, and ruling by purely evidentiary means, we are, left and right causing internal conflict and mutual collapse by the false promise of luxury beliefs as a substitute for material actions.

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