Right conspiracy theory equals left opression theory.

Conspiracy theory shaming is a thing,its poltical. Much of the time, and in effect,it keeps people from speculating in conversation.We speculate a lot bc often we have to in life.We have to bc we cannot know everything yet cannot ignore potential dangers either..so we speculate.

That’s self-congratulatory. (a) nearly all conspiracies are accidents of common interest (b) it’s just the conservative male version of liberal female oppression narratives (c) it’s a means of dumb fucks pretending they’re competent,so they feel some sense of therapeutic control.

And so it’s a method of therapeutic inaction, instead of the hard work of seeking to understand, seeking to understand others, driving yourselves and others to an actionable strategy vs armchair therapy, and in doing so developing trust, and the agency to bring about change.

If you are not seeking to work with large numbers of others to produce a plan of action that is actionable and can succeed then you are just engaging in therapy, just as leftists do, just as drug users to, just as all cowards do.

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