Responsibility Is a White Supremacist Thing?


— “It’s happened: Freedom is white supremacist.” — Twitteridiot

Freedom > Liberty > Sovereignty > Self Determination = “Whiteness”:

What’s the white group strategy (whiteness)?

“Reciprocal insurance, by force of arms, of self-determination, by self-determined means, by sovereignty in demonstrated interest, reciprocity in display, word, and deed, and markets in everything = Responsibility.”

More importantly, Responsibility is the only non-false means of achieving mindfulness thus producing serotonin that suppresses negative thoughts. We seek irresponsibility where they may fail, but we require it where we may succeed.
Ergo? We must produce responsibility for all.

We have organized government(because of the introduction of women) into producing the evasion of responsibility combined with forced integration, mass-producing anxiety, alienation,competitive falure, inequality, resentment, and infantilization of ability that prevents curing it.

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