The Right (Alt Right Etc) Is Politically Dead


Well, the right is politically dead – fully cut off from political influence. The right is socially dead – ostracized from all meaningful normative influence. As far as I can tell the right is intellectually dead – if it ever had any intellectuals after the second world war. It’s impossible to form any coalitions on the right because the four points on the spectrum are ridiculously obsessed with their own faction’s fantasies. I doesn’t matter if I agree with the fringe ethnonationalists – who I’d prefer to live with – If we can’t organize coalitions to act in any meaningful way other than by continued submissive retreat.

I tried the conservatives, I tried the libertarians, I tried the alt right. The christians are as delusional as women. And the traditional conservatives are so anti-intellectual it’s impossible to find anything but mouth-breathers.

In general the right has done nothing but disgust me to the point of a last-straw — particularly over the russia-ukraine issue. Except for a handful of ethnonationalists and national socialists who are right but the most ostracized of all.

Everyone gives up on the right.

Without miltary indoctrination into God, Country(law), Guns, the modern male is a leaf in the wind following his own intiuitions as if his pursuit of social status on his optimum terms has anything to do with the political system upon which all of us seek social and reproductive status. We must be united politically even if we are forever divided by class, status, education, and faith.

Otherwise men, always overconfident in their opinions despite their demonstrated incompetence and ignorance, demonstrate the same bravado in political matters that they do in defense of their personal social honor. This cognitive dissonance is as destructive as is the feminine and beta left’s believe that together than can overcome their inferiority.

So the question is what is an intellectual conservative – meaning european aristocratic egalitarianism in the long european tradition – to do? One must find a vehicle for ideas for those capable of comprehending ideas despite their intuitions and instincts. That means a coalitino of the competent center. And that requiresr a compromise. And a compromise that takes my preferred outcome off the table.

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