Why Does the Right Fail to Unify?


WHY? The American Right cannot distinquish between the Woke War against Culture, Liberal War against Rule of Law by Natural Law, our ancestral Anglo, Germanic, participatory government, and our Trifunctional competition between State(constitution), Economy, and Religion.

ERGO: The right allies with Russian (Eastern European) conservatives on culture, but fails to defend our Rule of Law, our Form of Government under it, and they’re not even aware of the importance of the necesssary competition between state, economy, and faith.

We must practice three ‘religions’ of loyalty under Trifunctionalism
… 1. Loyalty to the State in Defense (Aryanism)
… 2. Loyalty to Rule of Law of The Natural Law in Economics and Politics. (Aristotelianism)
… 3. Loyalty to the Faith in Family and Society. (Christianity)

Specialization in one, is to demonstrate disloyalty to the others. It is only through trifunctional loyalty that our small exceptional population can maintain competitive advantage.

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