“The war on _____ culminated in…”

by @Vapourface

Just to recap:

1. The war on terror culminated in handing over billions worth of weapons, while boat-loads of middle eastern soldiers arrive daily, but you have to have your shoes inspected when you go on holiday.

2. The war on drugs culminated in every suburban street stinking of skunk, and the free-issue of crack pipes and the legalisation of heroin-pills (Oxy)

3. The war on poverty seems to be coming to an end now that businesses are wrecked, inflation is at 20%, interest rates at 0%, unemployment rising to unthinkable levels, all statistics made worthless, and promises that you will own nothing soon.

4. The war on disease seems to be culminating in everyone being injected WITH covid and AIDS, while hospitals put you on a pathway to certain death.

5. The war on crime has people being stabbed every week, looting, rape, robbery all rising. Promises that you will be fitted with a digital leash and remote off-switch controlled by literal paedophiles.

War is Peace – came true: Only by tolerating the destruction of your culture are you left alone (cancel culture/hate crime)

Freedom is Slavery – came true: Only by supplication to tyranny are you permitted to move. (vaccine passport/mask mandates)

Ignorance is Strength – came true: Only those oblivious to their bondage and stupidity have the motivation to participate. (clown world/fake news)

When they talk about a war on the “far right” I admit to being optimistic for the first time in years.

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